Green Chain Maintenace

09. Mar 2021 | iwis drive systems

Maintenance-optimized chains - sustainable and efficient

Munich, March 2021. iwis, the Munich-based chain manufacturer, is opening a new, green chapter in the company's history with its maintenance-optimized chain program: Low-maintenance and maintenance-free chains from iwis make a valuable contribution to environmentally friendly and sustainable operations in machine and plant engineering - and are highly efficient at the same time.

Regular maintenance is a basic requirement for reduced wear and a longer service life of chains - and lubricant is essential here as well. But wherever lubricant is not desired or relubrication is hardly or not possible, the resulting friction can also be reduced by special joint designs and the service life of the chain can be significantly extended. Maintenance-optimized chains from iwis extend the service life of roller chains and at the same time save lubricants, require less energy and thus reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Two ways, one thought: maintenance-free and low-maintenance = environmentally friendly

The term "maintenance-free" is not firmly defined and is interpreted in very different ways. There is a wide range of possibilities for increasing the service life of chains by means of special joint designs. Depending on the resulting performance, iwis differentiates between low-maintenance and maintenance-free solutions for chains with optimized maintenance characteristics. Both approaches aim to protect natural resources:

Maintenance-free chains from iwis - e.g. maintenance-free MEGAlife roller chains and maintenance-free CF-b.dry stainless steel chains - are equipped with a special joint design. This results in less friction. In addition, the surfaces of the individual parts can be treated with special methods. This results in maintenance-free chains that can be operated for a longer period of time without relubrication.

Low-maintenance chains from iwis - e.g. low-maintenance b.triton roller chains and low-maintenance Super-Longlife roller chains - achieve an increased wear life through selected surface treatments on the individual parts. With low-maintenance chains, the relubrication intervals of conventional standard roller chains are considerably extended. This saves money and protects the environment.


Further information on this topic is available in the new iwis flyer "Solutions for chains with optimized maintenance characteristics" or at


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