iwis solutions for cup filling machines

15. Sep 2021 | iwis drive systems

Aseptic filling systems are used in the food industry to dose milk and milk-based products - for example yogurt - into cups in a sterile, automated and precise manner. Stainless steel chains with cell board adjustments are used to transport the hygienic filling containers so that the cups can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy. iwis offers reliable and durable CF stainless steel chains for this challenge and, thanks to selected chrome steels, ensures the highest possible corrosion resistance and the highest length accuracy. We achieve a manufacturing accuracy of up to 0.075% of the nominal length within a roller chain - and in the case of two parallel chain strands, we can achieve a parallel run of up to 0.5 mm, regardless of the total length, thus ensuring precise positioning. As an option, we offer various high-performance initial lubricants. With the development of maintenance-free JWIS CF-b.dry stainless steel chains, we have thought one step further for you: they are made of high-alloy stainless steel, are absolutely hygienic and can be used completely dry. As a development partner, iwis antriebssysteme also finds solutions for your individual requirements. 

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