iwis-solutions for egg-grading machines

15. Sep 2021 | iwis drive systems

Fully automatic egg grading machines have to meet high demands on production efficiency, grading accuracy and constantly increasing hygienic requirements in the context of product quality and safety. iwis roller chains ensure reliability, durability and the highest possible precision. Within a roller chain, we achieve a manufacturing accuracy of up to 0.025% of the nominal length. With two parallel chain strands, we achieve a parallel run of up to 0.3 mm - ensuring precise positioning. You can choose between corrosion-protected (JWIS MEGAlife chains, JWIS b.triton chains, nickel-plated and galvanized chains) and corrosion-resistant chains (JWIS CR chains). Lubrication in the chain joint has a decisive influence on the service life of a chain drive. Depending on the operating conditions, we recommend initial lubrication with IP16, an oil-based food-grade lubricant, or with IP4, a high-temperature lubricant. For relubrication, our very adhesive VP8 FoodPlus Spray is ideally suited. Of course, this lubricant meets the high requirements of NSF H1 and is thus approved for the food industry. In addition, a remarkable service life can be achieved with our maintenance-free MEGAlife and CF b.dry chains even without initial and relubrication.


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