New maintenance-free accumulation chains from iwis antriebssysteme:

17. Jun 2019 | iwis drive systems

Polymer bushes in every chain link for a long service life


Munich-based chain manufacturer iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG is extending its product range: now that JWIS brand accumulation chains are also available in b.dry quality, customers can now enjoy the tangible benefits of maintenance- and corrosion-free CF stainless steel chains, which are absolutely dry, extremely wear-resistant and capable of bearing high dynamic loads. What’s more, they feature a high-performance polymer bearing in every chain joint, so they require absolutely no initial lubricant or relubrication. The heavy-duty, low-friction, high-performance polymer bushes are FDA-compliant, so contact with foodstuffs or hygiene products is completely safe. The new b.dry accumulation chains are ideal for use wherever relubrication is either undesirable or impossible. b.dry chains are hygienic and completely dry-running, so they are predestined for applications in which sensitive goods are conveyed, so fumes from evaporating lubricants must be prevented at all costs. This technology is particularly useful in inline furnace applications with subsequent accumulation of the fired goods.


What is special about the new maintenance-free accumulation chains is that every single load-bearing roller and accumulation roller has a b.dry chain joint, so the chains run smoothly and with very little noise. In applications with accumulation chains, focusing on the wear of accumulation rollers and conveyor rollers is much more important than chain wear; after all, these rollers are in constant motion, whereas the chain joints at the end of the conveyor track move much less. However, the wear service life of b.dry chains is significantly longer than that of comparable chains: trial runs at iwis have revealed that they are twice better in a dry state and four times better when an initial lubricant is used. When in a dry state, the chains are free from paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS), which is a decisive factor in automotive industry paint lines, for example. b.dry chains are made to length tolerances compliant with standard ISO 606, and can be used in a temperature range between -100 °C and +200 °C. iwis antriebssysteme currently offers b.dry technology for standard Type M accumulation chains with a pitch of ¾”, a width of 48 mm and 28 mm diameter steel rollers.




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