The iwis sites responded to the flood disaster with a huge willingness to help!

12. Nov 2021 | iwis

Devastated areas, destroyed livelihoods and more than 200 deaths - this is the shocking result of heavy rain and flash floods that hit the Ahr and Erft regions in mid-July. The shock was deep-seated, but the willingness to help was enormous. The iwis staff and management also wanted to do their part to alleviate the suffering of those affected.


Through collection campaigns at various German iwis locations and thanks to a lottery ticket sale, a donation amount was collected, which was rounded up to the sum of 75,000 euros by Mr. Johannes Winklhofer, Group CEO of the iwis group. The works council and the management jointly decided to hand over the money to the "Wibbelstätz" kindergarten in Hönningen/Ahr, which had been destroyed by the flood disaster - the children are currently being cared for at another location. The donation check could be handed over to the kindergarten on November 12th. The kindergarten management and all the children were very happy about our donation.


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