What a world without iwis would look like...

29. Jan 2020 | iwis drive systems

A world in which there’s not enough chocolate for everyone? For many, that is a virtually unimaginable scenario. But the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate confectioneries, sprinkles or chocolate coatings day after day demands such things as high-quality conveyor chains for the chocolate moulds. And these often come from our company.

With our #aworldwithoutiwis campaign we are highlighting a number of our applications. Since last September, Twitter and LinkedIn users have been able to gain an impression of the diversity of iwis. And one thing they learn is that it simply wouldn’t be possible to produce many different things in a world without iwis. And it really is the case that there would not be enough chocolate products without the maintenance-free MEGAlife chains with their special attachments and precise length tolerances.

Spaghetti, penne, farfalle – corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free chains for pasta production

No matter whether we are talking about spaghetti, penne or farfalle, the world of pasta production would also be a very different place without us. To ensure that people can continue to enjoy such popular pasta products, iwis is constantly producing high-performance conveyor chains for production lines. The production of pasta is a precise operation, and it is particularly important that the chains used are corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free and that they run precisely in parallel operation and are wear-optimized. Only then can they guarantee an extended service life and hence trouble-free production of the pasta we all love.

High quality for transporting coffee pods and capsules

For many people, a world without iwis would bring noticeable changes first thing in the morning. After all, we ensure that you can start each day with just the right amount of coffee. iwis chains that have been manufactured with extreme precision and sorted into sets are used in the production of coffee pods and capsules. Only then are they able to meet the coffee industry’s demands in respect of parallel operation in production machines. The chains are protected against corrosion, optimally lubricated and maintenance-free. For the coffee industry, this means maximum efficiency thanks to minimum downtime and little loss of material thanks to high precision. The aim is to ensure high quality and quantity when transporting the coffee pods and capsules.

Quiet and fast: iwis chains ensure that drink bottles are conveyed safely

And solutions from iwis are equally indispensable in the beverage industry. iwis FLEXON flat-top chains ensure stability and safety when conveying Euro, Vichy or long-neck bottles. The flat-top range from iwis quietly and quickly conveys beverages to the designated crates. No matter whether steel, plastic or stainless steel is required, iwis also offers a high quality choice of materials. The drinks industry is thus putting its faith in reliable and wear-resistant materials and good technical support. 

Not only that: Innovative iwis systems for condition monitoring and relubrication extend the service life of the chain drive, allowing customers to concentrate on their core business instead of dealing with the hassle of unforeseen maintenance work.  

#aworldwithoutiwis - a world without coffee


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