Corrosion-resistant chains

Corrosive environments require chains with high fatigue strength and wear resistance. Chains made from normal steel grades corrode quickly, so corrosion-resistant chains are used in such applications. A wide variety of coatings and material combinations can guarantee that a chain is corrosion-resistant. Our product range includes roller chains made from rustproof material (CF stainless steel, CF b.dry), available in nickel-plated or galvanised CR versions. Chains with zinc-aluminium coating (ZAP) are a new addition to the range. However challenging your application, we are confident we can supply the right chain.

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Four main factors have an impact on chain corrosion: the medium or environment in which the chain operates, the chain material, machinery or plant design, and the duration and type of application. These main parameters help to define the right chain for a given application.

Corrosion-resistant chains with alternative coatings are also available on request. For example, iwis meets special customer requirements by combining different coatings to achieve high wear resistance while guaranteeing a high level of corrosion protection for attachments.

Stainless steel chains are used mainly in food production or in applications where frequent chain cleaning is required. iwis supplies stainless steel chains made from materials that ensure they can be used in acidic or alkaline environments. Versions with bent attachments, special attachments and extended pins are also available.

CR chains are corrosion-resistant, made from hardened, highly alloyed steel grades, and have significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength than ordinary rustproof (stainless steel) chains. CR chains are used in all applications that require chains to remain flexible despite corrosive environments, or to remain rust-free for hygienic or visual reasons.

System solutions for the automotive industry

Industrial applications

Industrial applications

Industrial applications in the automotive industry: In this sector, iwis offers optimal solutions for conveyor and transport systems tailored to automotive production lines. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains offer corrosion protection and minimal elongation over their entire service life. Learn more
System solutions for the Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Maintenance-free, long service life and precision parts- tailored to customized application.

Chains and chain systems for the highest demands on precision, speed and durability. Precision chains from iwis guarantee uniform parallel running with exact positioning and an outstanding service life. Depending on the application, maintenance-free or corrosion-resistant chains with high-quality initial lubrication are also used. Learn more
Drive solutions for the Food Industry

Food Industry

Food Industry

Focus on accuracy, hygiene reguations, efficient maintenance-free and corrosion-resistance solutions .

Hygiene regulations, various temperature ranges or corrosion resistance are requirements for drive systems in food production. Food approved lubricants or maintenance-free chains for the food industry can be found here. Learn more
Calculation and chain configuration for medical technology

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Chains with special properties are used in adjustable operating chairs, operating tables, hospital beds, and a number of other medical technology applications. In this particular field chains must satisfy a large number of requirements. For hygiene reasons, and because lubricants are usually prohibited or problematic, stainless steel chains are often used, including the CF b.dry version. learn more


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