Push Pull Chains

iwis push pull chains – also known as rigid chains, stiff chains, anti-backbend chains or one side non-bending chains– are distinguished by their compact design. Push chains convert translational motion into rotation, or vice versa. They are suitable for transmitting tensile and compressive forces that do not require chain guides.

Push pull chains can be used as a solution in a large number of applications. Wherever the limits of conventional rol­ler chains or drive components have been reached – for example in tight spaces – push pull chains can provide a versatile solution in many different cases.

Compact construction for the smallest space
Transmission of tensile and compressive forces without chain guide
Different material specifications possible

Chain Engineering for the tightest spaces

Push pull chains can perform the same function as a linear drive without the need for a continuously circulating chain. Unlike in conventional cylinders, the backstroke of the chain is not rigid like a piston rod, but can be limited almost indefinitely. The chain construction is extremely compact, an additional advantage which can reduce the installation space required by up to 60 % – yet another significant innovative boost for your application.  

The degree of side bow and backbend of push pull chains can be individually adapted, thus enabling an even wider range of possible solution. Customer- and application-specific solutions such as individual material specifications, interfaces and attachments are available on request, so push pull chain are capable of performing several functions simultaneously.

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Make use of the skills and experience of our design when developing solutions for your applications. Ask our specialists!

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Push pull chains push back conventional boundaries

Push pull chains are used in many different industrial applications: general mechanical engineering, medical technology, the automotive industry, various handling and conveyor systems or building services technology. Chains can be realised in various sizes and for different drive system concepts. Long stroke lengths are also possible. iwis has been developing push pull chains in its R&D department in-house for over 15 years. new research findings about the factors that influence geometries and chain assembly

are constantly used to enhance the technical properties of the chains. Developed in close cooperation with users to meet customer-specific requirements, the chains can be manufactured at a number of different production plants. As a manufacturer, we offer additional services such as wear, fatigue strength and tensile strength analyses. Quality assurance is guaranteed by test methods and inspection equipment that were also developed in-house.

Drive Solutions for Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

iwis - roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more
Calculation and chain configuration for medical technology

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Chains with special properties are used in adjustable operating chairs, operating tables, hospital beds, and a number of other medical technology applications. In this particular field chains must satisfy a large number of requirements. For hygiene reasons, and because lubricants are usually prohibited or problematic, stainless steel chains are often used, including the CF b.dry version. learn more
System solutions for the automotive industry

Industrial applications

Industrial applications

Industrial applications in the automotive industry: In this sector, iwis offers optimal solutions for conveyor and transport systems tailored to automotive production lines. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains offer corrosion protection and minimal elongation over their entire service life. Learn more
Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Efficient solutions for transport and drive conveyor chain systems.

A wide variety of conveyor and drive chain systems are used. The demands on chain characteristics such as fatigue strength, breaking loads, chain tolerances, surface, material qualities, lubricants or even freedom from lubricants and their reproducibility are enormous. Learn more


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