Sprockets transmit force. For efficient transmission of force, it is important to ensure that the chain engages smoothly with the sprocket teeth, so sprockets must be exactly coordinated with the chain. Finding the right sprockets to match your roller chains is no problem with iwis: we always have a wide range of standard sprockets that comply with ISO 606 (04B-1 to 32B-3) in stock.

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Basically, sprockets are constructed to the same specifications and standards in accordance with ISO 606. They differ with regard to the number of teeth, size – ranging from 04B to 32B – and whether they are of the simplex, duplex or triplex type. A combination of chain, sprockets is referred to as a chain drive. Driving forces are transmitted efficiently when the chain engages precisely with the sprocket teeth, so sprockets must be an exact match with the chain that they guide and drive. Depending on the application, various surface treatments are available e.g. galvanisation, nickel-plating or black oxidation.

Inductive heat treatment of tooth geometry to prolong the service life of the materials is also possible.

iwis sprockets are produced by ultra-modern machine processes such as CNC milling, CNC lathe machining or cycle-controlled sawing. iwis will also manufacture special sprockets in accordance with your specifications, drawings or samples.


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