Plastic, Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Top Chains

Flat top chains versions are available for straight or curved tracks, and with various joint types, plate thicknesses and materials. Whether they are made from steel, stainless steel or plastic, iwis flat top chains are distinguished by particular characteristics such as high wear resistance and high-quality workmanship. Although they are mainly used in the beverage industry, flat top chains can also be found in many other industrial applications.

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The right material for every application

The distinguishing features of plastic flat top chains from FLEXON include low friction values, high wear resistance, good noise damping, and high-quality workmanship and surface finishes. Some applications call for a steel or stainless steel flat top chain, which offers the advantages of higher permissible loads, high wear resistance, excellent workmanship and high-quality surface finishes.

Flat top chains used for handling cast steel containers, in automation applications or the automotive industry are subjected to extremely high loads. Our solution: iwis hardened stainless steel flat top chains and high-hardness steel flat top chains reduce chain wear, resulting in a significant reduction of production costs due to lost productivity and maintenance downtime.

System solutions for the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

From conveyors and transport systems to timing drive systems

Industrial applications: In this sector, iwis offers optimal solutions for conveyor and transport systems tailored to automotive production lines. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains offer corrosion protection and minimal elongation over their entire service life. Automotive supplier: With high-quality timing chain drive systems for camshafts, injection pumps, balance shafts, oil pumps and ancillary units, we are a highly innovative supplier to the automotive industry, moving engines and vehicles of all kinds. Learn more
Drive Solutions for Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

iwis - roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more
iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
System solutions for the Packaging Industry

Drive Systems

Drive Systems

Engineering solution-oriented

Our development team is constantly working on improving our existing product range and developing new solutions for and with our customers. iwis is continuously looking beyond knwon chain applications, searching for new innovative chain drives. Learn more


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