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30. April 2019 | iwis drive systems

After many years of service as CEO of iwis antriebssysteme, Dr. Peter Kreisfeld is handing on this responsibility to Dr. Frank Mitzschke. Dr. Peter Kreisfeld will be devoting himself to his role as Chairman of the board of iwis smart connect GmbH. The successful further expansion of the division with the future fields of i-mobility and e-mobility is its goal.

Dr. Peter Kreisfeld served iwis antriebssysteme as CEO for more than 10 years. During this time, the regionally active manufacturer of industrial chains has been transformed into a company with an international footprint. The antriebssysteme division now has an annual turnover of more than 120 million euros.

Dr. Frank Mitzschke has been with iwis for 10 years. Having started his career with iwis in Development, he was appointed to head up the factories in Wilnsdorf and Sontra. He has been a director of iwis antriebssysteme since 1 October 2017.

iwis is the world leader in innovative, cost-effective timing drive systems based on precision chains. Virtually all car manufacturers throughout the world are supplied with a total of 60,000 systems each day from plants in Munich, Landsberg, Pinghu and Murray. In addition to the automotive industry, iwis acts as a market leader in supplying precision roller chains to the mechanical engineering and plant construction industries across the globe. The chains are used in the printing and paper industry, packaging industry and conveyor technology, as well as in general engineering and the agricultural machinery industry.
iwis smart connect is a specialist for electrical connecting technology for automotive and non-automotive applications.

Founded in 1916, the company is now managed by Johannes Winklhofer, the fourth generation of his family to do so.

iwis has a global workforce of more than 2,100 and has set itself the goal of achieving sales of 480-500 million euros in 2019. Besides its production plants in Germany (Munich, Landsberg, Wilnsdorf, Sontra, Kaufbeuren and Rieden) and in China, the USA and the Czech Republic, it has subsidiaries in various European and overseas countries, including Brazil, UK, France, India, Italy, Canada, Korea, Switzerland, Singapore and South Africa. iwis is represented at a total of 45 locations worldwide.

Corporate information:

iwis is a leading supplier of precision chain systems for drive and conveyor applications and is now active in the following areas:

  • iwis motorsysteme makes chains and timing drives for the automotive industry.
  • iwis antriebssysteme manufactures precision roller chains and conveyor chains for industrial applications, including machine and plant engineering, packaging and printing, the food industry and conveyor technology.
  • iwis smart connect is active in the fields of housing technology, high-precision metalworking, stamping and bending technology, in particular in the area of electrical connection technology, press-fit technology, IDC insulation displacement connectors and MCS contact technology.
  • THIEN eDrives: e-mobility and electric motors


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