CCM-S – Chain Condition Monitoring "Smart"

CCM-S – Chain Condition Monitoring "Smart"
The latest chain monitoring innovation from iwis

With additional sensors and interfaces, measures the wear elongation of chains during use and, in this way, helps maintenance staff recognise in good time when the chain has to be replaced due to wear elongation.

✓ Digitalisation interface
✓ Ready-to-install plug-and-play principle
✓ Optimised design

iwis CCM-S in Use and Engineering Team



Intelligent chain monitoring

  • Gives maintenance staff time to (re)act!
  • Reduced downtimes for production plants or machinery
  • No risk to promised delivery dates – no interruption of the logistics chain  
  • Prevents financial losses caused by interruptions to production
  • Monitoring of precision chain applications
  • "Plug and Play" principle applies – does not require ­calibration, etc.
  • Wear- and impact-resistant  sliding shoe
  • Stable, leakproof  plastic housing (Protection class: IP67)



Highlights of our CCM-S system


Globally standardised,
field bus-independent
IO-Link technology as
communication standard.


Special connectors serve as reference points. These allow individual measurement of chain segments and an evaluation of deviations from the average elongation. Connectors are sold separately.


Chain temperature, along with shocks on the CCM-S’s sliding shoe, is monitored thanks to two additional sensors.


Measurement results can be sent to the computer via USB and be presented using the software provided by iwis.


Different speed ranges and changes of load direction are not a problem for CCM-S.


The CCM-S can be used for simplex as well as for duplex and triplex chains because only one chain strand is detected at a time.


Precise measurements are taken without any direct contact and without interfering with the chain drive.


The CCM-S can be integrated quickly and easily in numerous chain applications – including as a retrofit without the need for special tools.

Operating conditions

  • Normal industrial environmental conditions
    (The CCM-S system must be specially configured for tough or highly abrasive conditions!) 
  • Operating temperature range: 0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 160 °F)  
  • In the case of chains with attachments on both sides or ­extended pins, iwis must carry out a separate inspection.
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Insensitive to non-magnetic contamination
  • If the device is to be attached to a customer interface, ­we recommend that damping elements should be fitted (e.g. between the housing and the mounting plate).
  • We recommend that the CCM-S system is installed at the tight strand; Installation at the slack strand is also possible under certain circumstances
  • USB connection to PC interface
    (Connection via USB connector 2.0 Type A) 
  • External power supply as per IO-Link specification: 18-30V

Further information and downloads can be found here:

CCM-S Monitoring software
CCM-S Monitoring software
CCM-S Product flyer
CCM-S Product flyer
CCM-S Operating instructions
CCM-S Operating instructions

Here you can find the IODD file of the CCM-S



The CCM-S system is only used to provide information. It is expressly stated that the system does not protect against chain drive failures and machine stoppages. The CCM-S system also does not indicate the probability of future chain elongations. The customer is aware that the CCM-S system is preset to a chain elongation value of 3% as reference value. iwis has preset this reference value without reference to concrete applications. The customer shall define the reference value themselves and bears the responsibility for testing whether the reference value is non-critical in the specific application scenario or whether it could lead to critical situations or damage resulting from impermissible chain elongation. On request, and following consultation, iwis will set the preset reference value of 3% to another value specified by the customer. The customer can, however, also set the value applicable to their application themselves using the supplied software.  

We will be glad to support you with the project planning of the CCM-S system.


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