CCM Chain elongation monitoring maintenance iwis

Chain Condition Monitoring
The iwis chain elongation monitoring system

Chain Condition Monitoring (CCM) from iwis measures the wear elongation of chains in operation and gives maintenance staff timely warning when wear elongation has reached the point where the chain needs to be replaced.

CCM can be integrated quickly and easily in machinery – and even retrofitted without any special additional components – in numerous chain applications in many industries. Measurement is precise, contact-free, and requires no direct interference in the chain drive. Or simply transfer results to a computer via a USB interface.

CCM Chain elongation monitoring maintenance iwis

Intelligent chain monitoring

CCM offers users a number of benefits: it not only gives maintenance staff time to (re)act, but also prevents long plant or machinery downtimes, thus helping to safeguard promised delivery deadlines to your customers. Predictive maintenance prevents downtimes and unnecessary costs!

iwis CCM chain Wear Status is shown

Chain Wear Status

Chain wear status is shown on a finely graduated LED display.

iwis CCM Display of measurement results


Measurement results can be transferred to a computer via USB connection and displayed on a special interface.

iwis CCM different speed ranges


Different speed ranges and changes of load direction are not a problem for CCM.

iwis CCM for simplex duplex and triplex chains in different pitches

Chain sizes

The CCM is equally effective on simplex, duplex and triplex chains.

iwis CCM contact-free measurement


Precise, contact-free measurement with no direct interference in the chain drive.

iwis CCM quick and easy integration in chain applications


CCM is quick and easy to integrate - with no need for any special additional components - in numerous chain applications in every industry.

With CCM, iwis has implemented one of the crucial aspects of Industry 4.0: intelligent data analysis enables maintenance teams to actively prevent future malfunctions in chain applications. During the Hannover Messe trade fair in 2016, iwis was awarded the “Best of 2016” prize in the category Production Technology and Mechanical Engineering for its CCM system.

The greatest customer benefit of CCM is that it enables maintenance staff to react in good time. No long downtimes for machinery or plant, no risk of missing promised delivery deadlines, no disruption of the logistics chain – the ideal way to prevent financial loss caused by lost production. In addition, the system ensures constant monitoring of your high-precision chain applications.


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