Roller chain 06B-2 CF Straight side plates, Stainless steel - JWIS

Part no.: 40008147
Packaging Unit: 5,02m
Brand: JWIS
Model: CF Straight side plates
Surface: Stainless steel
JWIS by iwis
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Can be used in acidic or alkaline environments
Highest wear resistance
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Technical data

Roller chain
Pitch p (mm)
Width between inner plates b1 min. (mm)
Roller diameter d1 max. (mm)
Pin diameter d2 max. (mm)
Outer link key groove a max. (mm)
Height inner plate h2 max. (mm) (JWIS: g)
Min. tensile strength ISO/DIN FU (kN)
Traverse pitch pt (mm) (JWIS: e)

Product Information

The new stainless steel CF chains, made of austenitic stainless steel, are extremely reliable, fatigue- and corrosion-resistant, so they are ideal for use in applications involving food and other contamination-sensitive products. Top iwis quality with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Applications in aggressive environments, in environments involving the application of water or steam and strict cleaning regulations, in environments with extreme high temperatures.


  • All plates have a higher proportion of smooth cut edges, assuring improved fatigue resistance, greater endurance and reduced elongation, which in turn mean longer service life and more stability
  • All rollers are seamless, guaranteeing smooth running and extreme impact resistance at higher speeds
  • Seamless bushes reduce initial wear elongation and guarantee a significantly higher positioning precision than conventional stainless steel roller chains in operation. This is a major advantage in filling, conveying and packaging applications.
  • Restricted length tolerances for even more accurate positioning
  • Temperature range: -80 °C to +150 °C
  • Various special lubricants available e.g. for high temperatures (up to max. 400 °C), low temperatures or food-grade lubricant with H1 approval
  • Conveyor chains with customer-specific attachments can be configured and realised at short notice
  • Load-elongation diagrams can be created


  • Food processing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Solar and energy technology


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