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In addition to a variety of products iwis offers a range of technical services and services.

In keeping with our corporate philosophy, our speciality is delivering solutions – either as standard, or tailored to individual customer problems. We can adapt existing designs to customers' individual requirements or develop entirely new chain drives by collaborating closely with customers on feasibility studies, designing components and performing deformation and stress analyses.

We then examine the physical properties of the chain system by conducting vibration and stress tests on its components.

Prototypes are rigorously tested for durability and service life on test rigs which subject the chain drives to far greater loads than would be encountered in real life. We are committed to ensuring that only products of the highest quality are delivered to our customers.

Simply contact us. Our engineering team will be pleased to advise you.

iwis Engineering Computer tomography

Industrial computer tomography

Allows the examination of entire sub-assemblies and non-destructive viewing of the interior of your components. No need for sawing, grinding or laminating – the component can be used normally after examination.

Our specially trained measurement engineering experts will measure the entire geometry of the component and identify any cracks, cavities, inclusions and pores. Contact us about a suitable measurement solution for your components.

iwis 3D-Printing

3D printing

3D printers can help to solve complex technological challenges and depict complexity simply. Using 3D CAD models as a basis, three-dimensional objects are created by a layered construction process: the shortest way to convert an idea into a solid object.

We will help you to create sample chains or components, prototypes or promotional articles.

Engineering services

iwis is familiar with every kind of chain drive application – our experience covers everything from camshaft drives for high-performance motor racing engines to specialist conveyor systems in drying kilns, or precision carriage drives for photocopiers to the stop-and-go operation of accumulation chains on automotive industry production lines.

Our experienced team of design and development experts offer you help and advice with chain calculation and configuration.

„There is nothing unpredictable about iwis.“

iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The Calculation Program for Engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. learn more
iwis chain calculation

Chain calculation and chain design

Chain calculation and chain design

finding solutions for your challenge

Our team of experienced engineers and designers constantly puts its store of technical know-how to practical use: finding solutions for the challenges of customer projects.  We support you. Learn more
iwis Engineering Computer tomography

Industrial computer tomography

Industrial computer tomography

With our "Industrial Computer Tomography" measurement service, we offer a solution for the nondestructive testing of a range of components. learn more
iwis ELITE product range



Find quickly and easily the desired product

Use the ChainFinder to get quickly and easily an overview of our product range and find exactly the right product for your application. Learn more
iwis CAD-database

CAD database

Download – import – job done! Our CAD database contains 3D models in more than 30 file formats, and everything you will need for fast, easy chain design – from standard roller chains and connecting links to accumulation chains and sprockets.

Visit the CAD database

iwis handbook for chain engineering

Iwis Chain Engineering Handbook

Our Chain Engineering Handbook is a handy compendium of the technical knowledge engineers require when designing chain drives, supplemented by calculation examples and descriptions of typical application scenarios.

Download Chain Engineering Handbook


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