New Coating Technology for Timing Chain Pins

Modern engines, especially direct injection turbo diesel engines but also latest models of direct injection gasoline engines require the highest wear resistance for all moving parts.

Timing chains are the most loaded parts of an engine, they connect the crank shaft and the valve train and synchronize them, through this, phasing between crankshaft and camshaft is avoided.

Bush chains or roller chains, as an embodiment of timing chains consist of inner and outer links connected to each other. Thereby, the bearing area is formed by the pins and the bushes.

Timing chains are life-time components. No maintenance or component changes are required. Nevertheless, wear occurs to the pin-joint over the life time, this wear does not only depend on the chain load and the chain type but also significantly on oil quality and oil aging. Direct injection turbo diesel engines for instance show a high contamination of the oil with soot, fuel etc.

This causes higher chain elongation compared to conventional timing chain pin-joints. A shifting of the valve timing might occur which could negatively influence exhaust gas emission values.

Physical vapour deposition (PVD) as a technology generates layers which withstand these aggressive oil-soot-fuel mixtures much better. Thus, iwis-specialists have revolutionized the PVD-coating technology.

The new TRITAN-technology for timing chain pins ensures maintenance-free timing chain drives even for the very demanding boundary conditions of future engines. The range of wear resistance and friction reduction has been proven by test benches, fired engines as well as by vehicle endurance tests. 

iwis achieves at least 50 per cent more wear improvement on timing chains compared to established coatings of timing chain pins. As a contribution to the CO2 reduction effort, the friction could be reduced by approx. 20 per cent.

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