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Case conveyor chains

iwis case conveyor chains from the FLEXON brand range are characterised by their robust, straightforward design. They are suitable for harsh environments, and their open construction allows the easy removal of coarse dirt. iwis case conveyor chains are available in cast steel, stainless steel, galvanised  or plastic versions. These chains are frequently used for barrel / container conveying, in the construction materials industry, for pallet conveyor systems or in carwashes.

The measured tensile strength of a chain made from cast steel is approx. 25% higher than that of a comparable cast-iron chain. When extra corrosion protection is required, a galvanised version is available as an alternative.

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Cast steel chain C600 - sturdy partner for heavy-duty conveyor applications

The FLEXON cast steel chain C600 can be relied on to withstand the toughest traction applications and convey the heaviest loads. Its straightforward, robust cast-steel design makes this a cost-effective chain able to bear heavy loads, even in harsh environments and over long distances.

As a result of using cast steel, the chain has a measured tensile strength 25% higher than cast iron chains. Alternatively, a galvanised version for greater corrosion protection or plastic versions are also available. A threaded pin in the connecting link ensures easy opening and closing of the chain.

Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Efficient solutions for transport and drive conveyor chain systems.

A wide variety of conveyor and drive chain systems are used. The demands on chain characteristics such as fatigue strength, breaking loads, chain tolerances, surface, material qualities, lubricants or even freedom from lubricants and their reproducibility are enormous. Learn more
iwis drive solutions for the building materials industry

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Typical applications in the construction industry involve conveying heavy loads over long distances in harsh environments. The simple, robust design of our cast steel chains means they are suitable for pulling even the heaviest loads in the toughest conditions. Learn more
iwis roller chains with sawtooth plates and solutions for the timber industry

Wood Processing Industry

Wood Processing Industry

Many chains are subject to high dynamic loads in the wood processing industry and are therefore especially designed for shock resistance. iwis' product range includes special chains for a wide variety of applications in the wood industry. Learn more
Drive Solutions for Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

iwis - roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more


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