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Sprockets for taper-lock bushes

Taper-lock clamping bushes enable the precise axially-centred fixing of hubs on shafts. When used with sprockets, they offer the advantage of faster fitting and better centring than shaft-to-hub connections with keyways.

Note: The corresponding taper-lock bush must be ordered separately.

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Taper-lock bush

Taper-lock bush, Taper bush 1108 bore=19mm groove=6x2,8mm

Taper-lock bush

Taper-lock bush, Taper bush 3020 bore=35mm groove=10x3,3mm

Taper-lock bush

Taper-lock bush, Taper bush 1610 bore=24mm groove=8x3,3mm

Taper-lock bush

Taper-lock bush, Taper bush 4030 bore=100

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Fast fitting, precise centring

Sprockets with taper-lock bushes ensure a frictional connection between shafts and hubs. The conical locking mechanism consists of a hub and a bush.Axial screws press the bush into the hub, wedging it against the shaft and locking it in place.

Where higher loads are concerned, we recommend the use of a keyway as an additional positive connection. This type of connection is easy to fit, but it is sensitive to any slight imbalances when in operation.


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