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Leaf chains

Unlike roller chains, leaf chains consist of only pins and plates, so they achieve extremely high breaking forces. They are used wherever loads need to be raised, hoisted or pulled. One of the principal uses of leaf chains is in fork lift truck masts, but they are also used as counterweight chains in machine tools, as draw bench chains or in container loaders.   

While the JWIS brand focuses mainly on the specialised manufacture of works-standard compliant leaf chains, the product brand ELITE offers a broad and comprehensive range of leaf chains in accordance with various standard series. In addition to these standard products, special versions, end pieces and attachments are also available e.g. with hose routings and hydraulic mast guards.

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Leaf chains from JWIS and ELITE

As well as moving loads safely and reliably, iwis leaf chains can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements and are compliant with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. iwis link plates with optimised geometry are precision-formed, heat-treated, shot-peened and have a particularly high contact ratio.

A smooth, hardened surface gives the pins added wear resistance. Thanks to the improved press-fitting of pins and outer plates, the fatigue strength of these chains is also higher. iwis offers a wide and varied range of standard leaf chains, and many other special versions manufactured to works standards are also available.

iwis chains and solutions for lifting equipment and fork lifts

Lifting Equipment and Fork Lifts

Lifting Equipment and Fork Lifts

Typical areas of application for leaf chains are forklifts, lifting equipment, container lift trucks, working platforms, machine tools and applications in the steel industry. iwis is a system supplier for chains, idler rollers and connecting materials. Learn more
iwis drive solutions for the building materials industry

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Typical applications in the construction industry involve conveying heavy loads over long distances in harsh environments. The simple, robust design of our cast steel chains means they are suitable for pulling even the heaviest loads in the toughest conditions. Learn more
Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Efficient solutions for transport and drive conveyor chain systems.

A wide variety of conveyor and drive chain systems are used. The demands on chain characteristics such as fatigue strength, breaking loads, chain tolerances, surface, material qualities, lubricants or even freedom from lubricants and their reproducibility are enormous. Learn more
System solutions for the automotive industry

Industrial applications

Industrial applications

Industrial applications in the automotive industry: In this sector, iwis offers optimal solutions for conveyor and transport systems tailored to automotive production lines. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains offer corrosion protection and minimal elongation over their entire service life. Learn more


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