Pioneering in Drive Technology

With VARIACTO®, entirely new solution approaches arise. With this unique push-pull chain drive, you achieve more goals than before – pushing farther and higher. Change the drive type with VARIACTO® and optimize the use of space in your system layout.

VARIACTO® opens up numerous new possibilities, whether in vertical or horizontal thrust. Thanks to its flexible use, VARIACTO® outperforms conventional linear drives.

New Paths.
Thinking Ahead.

Unable to reach your goal via a straight line? With VARIACTO®, we can bypass construction-related obstacles by redirecting the chain up to 180° as needed. Contact us regarding this type of custom solution.

Minimal Space Requirement

With VARIACTO®, you only need minimal space. The low housing height and the redirection of the chain by 90° in the drive unit or 180° in the chain station enable uniquely flat designs and open up new possibilities in construction. With the minimal height of the drive, you can still move heavy loads over long distances. Unlike traditional linear drives, the space of the drive is decoupled from the space requirement of the chain lifting element.

Maximum Performance

iwis push-pull chains are based on welltested roller chains and are thus optimized for maximum performance and efficiency. With a compact push-pull chain drive, users can move large loads with minimal effort. Thanks to the clever redirection of the chain, the combination of load-free feeding and a thrust phase with maximum load is achieved.

(nearly) Unlimited Range

Limited drive technology is a thing of the past. Move heavy loads individually over long distances with the VARIACTO® pushpull chain drive. While conventional linear drives are strictly limited in their range, the VARIACTO® push-pull chain drive overcomes distances of up to 15 meters, depending on the design.

Product Extensions

VARIACTO® can be integrated into existing applications and easily adapted. A wide selection of initial lubricants ensures successful operation even in challenging environments. The modular chain station can be easily expanded to accommodate the required chain length. Various options for connecting the chain to the application ensure compatibility with your machine.

An Alternative to Conventional Drives

In comparison to conventional drives, VARIACTO® is a very clean and quiet solution. Since the drive does not include hydraulic or pneumatic lines, and hydraulic aggregates are not necessary, there is no risk of leakage. Noise from pumps and compressed air leakage is also eliminated.

Sustainable Drive Solution

The VARIACTO® push-pull chain drive is a mechanical system with high efficiency and suitability for direct electric drive. Problematic materials are not used in the production of the system. The high wear resistance and maintenance-friendly design of VARIACTO® ensure sustainable operation throughout its entire lifespan.

Linear Drive Technology: Rethinking Familiar Paths

Performance Data VARIACTO L
Push-Pull Chain M1611RSCUS
Chain Pitch 1“ / 25.40 mm
Chain Tensile Strength (Pull) 90,000 N
Chain Tensile Strength (Push) 105,000 N (at 670 mm free length)
Max. Dynamic Load 10,000 N / Approx 1,000 kg
Max. Stroke Unguided Standard 500 mm / Up to 700 mm
Max. Stroke Guided 15 meters
Min. Height 142 mm
Max. Speed 100 mm/s
Performance Data VARIACTO L
Number of Sprocket Teeth 8
Dimensions (500 mm Stroke) 450 x 150 x 148 mm
Chain Weight 6.6 kg per meter (4.7 kg for 500 mm stroke)
Drive and Station Weight 13.6 kg
Max. Speed 28.8 rpm (at 100 mm/s stroke)
Max. Torque 331.9 Nm (at 10 kN load)
Compliance RoHS, REACH
Declaration of Conformity according to the Machinery Directive, EG2006/42/EG, Annex II B

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Frequently asked questions about VARIACTO®

The VARIACTO® is a drive system for moving loads and transmitting forces. In contrast to conventional actuators, it uses a push-pull chain to apply the load
The VARIACTO® can be used universally as an actuator. Possible applications include lifting applications, tool changes, platform technology…
The performance data can be found  on top of this page  or in our product flyer. There you will find information on the maximum load, maximum lift, maximum lifting speed and the temperature range
Push-pull chains are a modified roller chain. In contrast to conventional roller chains, however, push-pull chains can also apply forces in the direction of pressure.
In contrast to conventional actuators - such as cylinders and linear actuators - significantly lower overall heights can be achieved by deflecting the push chain. Problems such as leakage are also a thing of the past.
No, iwis only offers the mechanical drive section. This leaves the customer free to choose the manufacturer. If you need assistance in selecting a motor, we will be happy to help you: [email protected]
The achievable precision depends largely on the electric motor used and the control or regulation system used. To maximise precision, the load can be equipped with an external position measuring system.
The VARIACTO® operator is currently only intended for indoor use.
The VARIACTO® can not only lift vertically, but also horizontally - and every angle in between.
A wide selection of lubricants is available. From wax to high-temperature oil. Please contact us for more detailed information: [email protected]
The standard chain station holds chain for up to 500 mm stroke. Extensions are available to lengthen the station. If you require a customised solution for storing the chain, we will be happy to assist you: [email protected]
Special end plates are usually used for the connection to the load. However, a T-piece can also be used depending on requirements. Please contact us for customised advice: [email protected]
Pretension is applied to the chain to prevent it from collapsing. The pre-tension introduces a torque into the chain, which prevents the chain from folding. This is usually applied by the end plate.
Guided lifting means that the push chain is supported, e.g. on the rollers, during lifting. This increases the maximum stroke that can be performed. In contrast, the chain is not additionally supported during an unguided lift.
You have the option of running several systems in parallel to distribute the load. We would be happy to advise you personally on your application. Please use our enquiry form or write to us: [email protected]
Detailed instructions for installation, as well as further information on dimensions, maintenance, connection and much more can be found in the VARIACTO® operating instructions.

We will be happy to assist you in defining the technical details of VARIACTO® for your application:

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