b.triton - the new high-performance roller chains from iwis

Maximum corrosion protection combined with outstanding wear resistance

Our new b.triton chains are the optimal solution when stainless steel reaches its strength limit and common coatings cannot resist corrosion when exposed to harsh outdoor environments.

b.triton chains are using a high performance zinc-flake technology combined with a unique surface treatment. This provides a protective finish that is more corrosion resistant than any other coated chain.

This makes b.triton chains particularly sustainable - and environment-friendly.

In addition to this, the perfectly balanced combination of high-tech coatings of the pins and bushes ensures not only maximum corrosion protection, but also outstanding wear resistance properties! 

As with the new iwiDUR-G lubricant, which has been specifically tailored for the application areas of b.triton chains.

b.triton is a product range that takes up any challenge!


  • Best corrosion protection: up to 1,000 hours of salt spray testing in accordance with ISO9227
  • Special coating of chain links for added wear resistance
  • Carefully selected high-quality carbon steel offers outstanding strength
  • Extruded bushes and rollers for even better corrosion resistance, reduced run-in elongation and quieter running
  •  Suitable for temperatures from -10°C to +130°C thanks to new initial lubricant iwiDUR-G
  •  Extended operating range up to 150°C with high-temperature lubrication possible
  • Environment-friendly: materials comply with RoHS and are free from CrVI
b.triton chain test results from iwis


The basis of the newly developed chains is the strength of carbon steel combined with special surface coatings. This technology means the chains are ideal for use in highly corrosive environments requiring the characteristically high fatigue strength and tensile strength of carbon steel chains.

A particular feature of the special zinc flake coating is its extremely good adhesion to the base material, which guarantees reliable protection of the roller chain against corrosion – even under the toughest operating conditions. An additional salt spray test with chains already in operational use confirmed that the chain is reliably protected against corrosion.

Fact: In the standardized salt spray test, the b.triton roller chain from iwis proves a much higher corrosion resistance than comparable products on the market.

b.triton chain application

Application fields

Environments with high water or water vapour loads or stringent
cleaning requirements in combination with extremely high standards
of chain strength.

Here are some examples:

  • In rough outdoor conditions
  • Automated multi-storey car parks
  • In slaughterhouses
  • In the food industry
  • In Port applications
  • In building engineering services

Weatherproof. Resilient. Trendsetting. 

The b.triton - product range pushes the limits of corrosion resistance to a new level.

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