System solutions for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is constantly changing and developing, and it is direct influences by a number of core trends that characterise the future. Eco-friendly packaging, product security, individualised packaging in small batches,

digitalisation and Industry 4.0, and increasing internationalisation are just some of the upcoming challenges.

Roller chains for Packaging Industry

Precision and reliability

Practically all manufactured products require suitable packaging of some kind. iwis chains ensure the reliability, long service life and highest achievable precision of packaging machines.

Packaging machines – one of the most important sectors of the mechanical engineering industry – impose heavy demands on chains and drive systems, which often have to endure very high cycle times and running speeds. In addition, steady parallel running and exact positioning are expected. Thanks to the wide range of different materials and lubricants available, iwis precision chains are able to offer outstanding service life and superlative length accuracy and pair tolerances.

MEGAlife maintenance free chains iwis

Maintenance-free par Excellence

A very large proportion of the chains we supply to the packaging industry are maintenance-free MEGAlife chains, which fulfil hygiene and cleanliness requirements in every respect. Our stainless steel CF or heavy-duty corrosion-proof CR chains are ideal for applications in corrosive environments.

When contact with foodstuffs is unavoidable (H1 zone), we can offer either special H1-grade lubricants or maintenance-free (completely lubricant-free) stainless steel chains that fulfil the necessary requirements.

iwis Fatigue Test


  • Reliability and extremely long service life
  • Highest possible length accuracy and pair tolerances
  • Optimum selection of materials and lubricants
  • Maintenance-free MEGAlife chains for applications where relubrication is impossible or undesirable
  • Local customer care by iwis staff

iwis antriebssysteme is proud of its role as a development partner and technology leader who will help you to meet the challenges facing you.

State-of-the-art simulation and configuration tools developed in-house help our design engineers to decide on the right products at an early stage.

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Abhijit Potdar

Phone. +49 89 76909-1449

[email protected]

Chains for packaging industry applications

MEGAlife maintenance-free

MEGAlife is synonymous with maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains. Just two typical reasons for using a maintenance-free chain are when access to conveyor systems for maintenance work is difficult, or when relubrication is inconvenient or undesirable. MEGAlife chains combine excellent wear protection and durability with corrosion protection and eco-friendliness, so they are also ideal for applications requiring hygienic conveying.

More about MEGAlife

b.dry Maintenance-free stainless steel chains

b.dry chains also belong to the “maintenance-free” category. They are extremely wear-resistant, rustproof and absolutely dry. The secret of b.dry chains is their special construction: they are made from rustproof, maintenance-free CF stainless steel with an optimised bearing design.

More about b.dry

CR chains

The distinctive features of CR chains are their corrosion resistance and significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength in comparison with ordinary stainless steel chains. They are resistant to adverse corrosive environments, and remain supple and rustproof.

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Grip chains

When it is a question of gripping, pulling and transporting thin-walled materials, iwis grip chains really come into their own. Their wear- and corrosion-resistant clamping elements and special pivot technology guarantee optimum material feed: synchronised running of pair-matched dual-strand chains ensures absolutely precise positioning.

More about Grip chains

POC - Pin Oven chains

Pin oven chains guarantee the safe, reliable handling of drinks cans, aerosol cans or other thin-walled hollow containers high-speed, high-temperature applications.

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iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
iwis drive components

Drive Components

Drive Components

Tensioners, Cplings and torque limiters

In addition to an optimum selection of chain and sprockets. the use of other drive components is also crucial for optimum design of a chain drive. iwis supplies the corresponding portfolio: from chain tensioners, sprockets with taperlock bushes to torque limiters and clutches. Learn more
Drive solutions for the Food Industry

Food Industry

Food Industry

Focus on accuracy, hygiene reguations, efficient maintenance-free and corrosion-resistance solutions .

Hygiene regulations, various temperature ranges or corrosion resistance are requirements for drive systems in food production. Food approved lubricants or maintenance-free chains for the food industry can be found here. Learn more
iwis Environmental Management and Sustainability

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

We are aware of our responsibility

iwis is a leading European company that always acts in accordance with the principles of sustainability: environmental protection is an integral part of iwis corporate policy. Learn more


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