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Our consistent focus on meeting the needs of our customers is the seed from which our international success has grown, making iwis agrisystems not only the number one in Europe, but also one of the world’s leading suppliers to

agricultural machinery manufacturers. We know what is most important to our customers: absolute precision and the speedy availability of our products.

We have created close partnerships through direct cooperation with manufacturers and provision of expert service, both to the agricultural machinery industry and directly to farmers. The rich harvest of these years of close cooperation: innovative developments tailored entirely to the needs of our target groups.  

Agricultural chains from iwis agrisystems

Our product portfolio: versatile and practical

We supply all chains by the metre or, on request, in installable kits for all agricultural machines from any maker. 

iwis is internationally renowned for its high quality standards, so products from our comprehensive range of roller chains and specialised agricultural machinery chains, accessories and chain drive systems can be found in the machines of almost all European OEMs. Wherever a question about service crops up: we are on hand to help.

The agricultural machinery range from iwis agrisystems includes not only feeder and elevator chains for a wide variety of applications, but also the relevant attachments for all the various chain types.

Special chains for agricultural machinery

Reliable, even in the most extreme environement

iwis agrisystems also supplies accessories such as sprockets, V-belt pulleys, roller and leaf chains, plus complete application kits for agricultural machinery production.

All agricultural chains from iwis agrisystems are subjected to rigorous testing in the laboratories, test rigs and simulation facilities at our production plants to guarantee consistently high levels of reliability and quality, even in the most extreme operating environment. Working together with OEM manufacturers, we create tailor-made drive solutions in our agricultural centre in Sontra and, after extensive testing, put them into serial production.

Your iwis contact for agrisystems:

Thomas Cohrs

Phone. +49 151 14717762

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Chains for applications in agricultural machinery :

Elevator chains

Elevator chains transport your crop into the grain tank. ELITE elevator chains are gentle, consistent and fatigue-resistant.

More about Elevator chains

Feederhouse Chains

ELITE Feederhouse chains ensure that it "runs" without interruptions: reliable, wear-resistant and longlasting.

More about Feederhouse chains

Gathering chains

Gathering chains grab hold of it and are right at the front of the pack. Gathering chains are designed for high speeds, reliable and have an optimized wear resistance.

More about Gathering chains

Chains for round balers

The new ELITE roller chain series HBC (Heavy Baler Chain) is specially developed by iwis for this demanding application. HBC Baler chains are characterized by maximum fatigue strength and extremely high wear resistance. They do not require more space than conventional standard roller chains of the same pitch.

More about Baler chains

Agricultural chains from iwis agrisystems

Agricultural chains

Agricultural chains

iwis agrisystems' range of agricultural machinery not only includes elevator and fedderhouse chains for a wide variety of applications, but also associated attachments for numerous versions.

iwis agrisystems' range of agricultural machinery not only includes elevator and fedderhouse chains for a wide variety of applications, but also associated attachments for numerous versions. Learn more
Sprockets industrial applications



Available in various designs : standard or customized

iwis offers an impressively wide range and broad stock of various sprockets with pilot bores, and has full production facilities in order to rapidly rework pilot bore sprockets to customers demands. Furthermore, iwis provides fully finished sprockets manufactured according to customer designs and drawings. Learn more
iwis drive components

Drive Components

Drive Components

Tensioners, Cplings and torque limiters

In addition to an optimum selection of chain and sprockets. the use of other drive components is also crucial for optimum design of a chain drive. iwis supplies the corresponding portfolio: from chain tensioners, sprockets with taperlock bushes to torque limiters and clutches. Learn more
iwis Re-Lubrication VP6

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

The right maintenance is a basic requirement for low wear and a long service life.

Regular maintenance and repair prevents machine and production plant breakdowns. iwis can give fundamental recommendations and support with maintenance work on  drive chains, sprockets and other drive components. Learn more


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