Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Rapidly advancing globalisation, shorter product lifecycles and the demand for fast availability of goods are just some of the new challenges that the logistics industry – and many others – are facing. Issues such as Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are also part of the equation. The modern world calls for made-to-measure solutions, not simply the traditional wide range of off-the-peg solutions.

Today’s applications are highly individual and sophisticated, so equipment and components must be adapted to the requirements of the respective logistics systems in which they are used. iwis antriebssysteme fulfils the strictest customer requirements with convincing quality and expert service.

Chains for logistics and conveyor technology applications

High quality and reliability

Conveyor technology is a special sector of the mechanical engineering industry concerned with the design, configuration, planning and implementation of systems for the movement of unit loads (pallets, boxes, parcels etc.) as well as bulk goods or hanging goods.

In most cases, separation or buffering of the conveyed goods is also required. Conveyors are often either in-house transportation systems integrated into assembly lines of all kinds or part of large-scale automated logistics centres.

Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

High demands on chains

Logistics is an umbrella term for transportation, warehousing and order-picking systems designed to support the overall flow of materials within a variety of different processes.

A wide range of drive chain systems are used in the above applications, which also place huge demands on chain characteristics such as surface finish, tolerances, tensile strength, fatigue strength, lubrication (or absence of lubricant) and reproducibility.

iwis is committed to producing chains of the highest quality and has implemented a comprehensive range of quality assurance measures to achieve this goal.

MEGAlife maintenance free chains iwis


  • Development and engineering partner
  • Superlative consistent quality and precision
  • Best cost-performance ratio
  • Large number of iwis Group locations for global presence
  • Cost-effective production in various countries

iwis antriebssysteme is proud of its role as a development partner and technology leader who will help you to meet the challenges you face.

State-of-the-art simulation and configuration tools developed in-house help our design engineers to decide on the right products at an early stage.


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Chains for logistics and conveyor technology applications:

MEGAlife maintenance-free

MEGAlife is synonymous with maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains. Just two typical reasons to use a maintenance-free chain are restricted access to conveyor systems for maintenance work, or when relubrication is inconvenient or undesirable. MEGAlife roller chains combine excellent wear protection and durability with corrosion protection and eco-friendliness, so they are ideal for environments where hygiene is critical.

More about MEGAlife

Accumulation chains

The outstanding features of iwis accumulation chains are their efficiency, durability and resultant cost-effectiveness. Accumulation chains guarantee problem-free positioning of conveyed goods and ensure that the conveyor starts and stops virtually without jolts. 

Leaf chains

The quality, durability, wear resistance and high fatigue strength of iwis leaf chains make them the number one choice – even for the most demanding lifting applications.

Conveyor chains

Conveyor chains are fitted with bent or straight attachments, extended pins, U-shaped or other special attachments adapted to a wide variety of applications. Fast implementation of orders for special items made to individual customer specifications.

iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
Roller chains industrial chains drive chains iwis

Industrial Chains

Industrial Chains

iwis offers an extensive roller chain program for a wide range of industrial applications

in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards, as well as numerous special chains for a variety of uses. A complete overview. Learn more
Sprockets industrial applications



Available in various designs : standard or customized

iwis offers an impressively wide range and broad stock of various sprockets with pilot bores, and has full production facilities in order to rapidly rework pilot bore sprockets to customers demands. Furthermore, iwis provides fully finished sprockets manufactured according to customer designs and drawings. Learn more
iwis Re-Lubrication VP6

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

The right maintenance is a basic requirement for low wear and a long service life.

Regular maintenance and repair prevents machine and production plant breakdowns. iwis can give fundamental recommendations and support with maintenance work on  drive chains, sprockets and other drive components. Learn more


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