UNIPRESS – setting new standards in press-fit technology

UNIPRESS sets new standards, underlining a high level of innovative strength which offers direct benefits to our customers. Many years of experience, millions of stamped products and outstanding toolmaking expertise enable us to realise contacting technology products with unrivalled technical characteristics.

There is no doubt that press-fit technology will replace conventional soldering technology in the foreseeable future. In press-fit technology, a press-fit pin is inserted into the through-hole plating of a PCB, with subsequent elastic deformation of the pin. The diagonal cross-section of the pin is then larger than the hole in the PCB, which produces a solder-free, gastight, corrosion-proof electrical connection.

iwis smart connect develops and produces flexible UNIPRESS contact components with a variety of deformation zones. Significantly lower press forces are required, there is less strain on the contact through-hole plate, and pressing multiple contacts into the same PCB drill-hole is unproblematic. iwis smart connect produces its punched contacts in a wide range of different connection combinations, sizes, shapes and materials and for a large variety of applications. All components produced are subjected to 100% camera inspection.

Before serial production begins, press-fit contacts are manufactured and calibrated in our own prototype production facilities. Our lab constantly monitors production results using modern systems and high-precision measuring devices. UNIPRESS press-fit zones are temperature- and corrosion-resistant.

Solder-free contacting technology is also an asset with regard to the environment and industrial health and safety.

Technical highlights:

  • Fulfil the requirements of DIN / IEC 60352-5 and various application specifications
  • Tested by an independent, impartial laboratory
  • Various elastic zone geometries available
  • For PCB drill holes from 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm
  • Operating temperature ranges up to 125 °C and 150 °C
  • Highly conductive, durable, easy to handle
  • Production as punched strips or pins on tape reel
  • Special selectively galvanised surfaces to prevent formation of chips and whiskers
  • Combinations with other connection technologies (crimp/spring contact punched grid, IDC technology etc.) available
  • Integration in sub-assemblies

Applications in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Communications

Your contact at iwis smart connect:

Marc-Michael Enzensperger, Head of Sales

Tel: +49 8362 9122-0

[email protected]


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