Project planning form for the CLA-lubrication system

Application details

In which application and industry should the CLA system be used?

What are the ambient conditions? (Temperature, contact with external media, cleaning, outdoor...)

Chain details

Type, pitch, strands and width (e.g. roller chain 16B-2 w=68mm, accumulation chain M127 SFS w=11mm...)

Does the chain have attachments?

Chain drive details

Chain speed (m/s)

Specialties (axis alignment, cycle or reversing operation, longer downtimes...)

Structure of the chain drive (centre distances, deflections). Please attach sketches in the enclosure.

Number of chains and each (total) length

Number and position of the current lubrication points (if known)

Pipe length from pump to each lubrication point (please consult us for >25m per pipe)

Details to iwis CLA lubrication pump and lubricant

Are cables or plugs required for power supply (24VDC) or PLC control?

Optional: Time-controlled or pulse-controlled (SPS-integratable) preferred?

Optional: Does a specific lubricant have to be used? If yes, which one? (Please note: A compatibility test may take a longer time if necessary).

Personal Data

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