iwis Chain Tools

iwis tools facilitate the breaking and riveting of roller chains pursuant to ISO 606 and the iwis norm and are useful for workshop use.

The iwis tool product range also includes repairing tools for tube conveyor chains, pin oven chains, accumulation chains and plate chains.

Chain tools for breaking roller and leaf chains

Chain Breaker for roller chains iwis

JWIS Chain Breaker

iwis tools are very handy for the workshop as they make it easy to cut roller chains made to ISO 606 (DIN 8187/8188) and to our works standard in different lengths.

This chain breaker can be clamped in a vice or screwed onto a workbench. Position it at the front edge of the bench to provide enough space for the lever to swing down fully. Surfaces to rest the chain to the left and right will make it easier to handle long chains.

Alcatraz® chain tool for breaking roller chains

ELITE Alcatraz® chain tool

The new stationary and universal chain splitting tool for professional use. Splits chain and removes rivets hydraulically for all roller and leaf chains with a pitch of 1/2" to 2". The Alcatraz® chain tool is a robust heavy-duty tool designed for durability.

MULTI.PRESS-120 Chain breaking tool for roller and leaf chains iwis


The new iwis fixed chain breaking tool MULTI.PRESS-120 is a further development of the ALCATRAZ tool.  The fully enclosed hydraulic pump ensures constantly high pressure and easy separation while the device is in operation. Unlike other fixed tools, MULTI.PRESS-120 also features a mobile unit.

The standard version of the MULTI.PRESS120 tool can be used to break roller chains in sizes from 1” to 1 ½”. iwis can supply on request also tool sets for smaller or larger sizes (up to 40B) as well as for special chains and bushed conveyor chains.

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Universal Pin extractor H chain tools for breaking roller chains iwis

Pin extractors

iwis Chain pin extractors can be used for breaking roller chains quickly and efficiently and are suitable for different chain sizes. A distinction is made between chain pin extractors for roller chains with shouldered pins or straight pins.

iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
iwis chain calculation

Chain calculation and chain design

Chain calculation and chain design

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iwis brands JWIS ELITE FLEXON ECOPLUS eurochain

Products and Services

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