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Our maintenance-free iwis chains

The best possible wear resistance and low maintenance requirements are crucial criteria for the performance of drive and conveyor chains. With the maintenance-free MEGAlife chains from iwis, we offer a premium solution that leads the industry in terms of quality.

MEGAlife maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains convince with high quality and performance and are also sustainable. Thanks to their high precision and load capacity, they are the first choice for numerous demanding applications.

MEGAlife Highlights

  1.  Oil-impregnated high-performance sintered bushes
  2. Pins with corrosion-resistant, friction optimized coating
  3. Seamless rollers with corrosion-resistant coating and optimized geometry


Have a look at the single parts

The sustainable solution for environment and production 

There are many ways in which MEGAlife maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains offer sustainability: The chains are environmental-friendly clean, dry on the outside and have at same time an extremely long service life. Also the low level of friction results in lower emissions of the environmentally damaging CO2 during use. The nickel-plating on the chains ensures extremely strong corrosion protection. Thanks to the special sinter lubrication, maintenance-free MEGAlife chains need no relubrication during their product life cycle. This means that the chains need 3/4 less lubricant compared with normal chains with initial lubrication..

The advantages at a glance

  • Up to threefold longer service life and thus three times more effective use of materials
  • Less than 25 % or the lubricant required for normally lubricated chains
  • Clean and corrosion-protected
  • No contamination of the machinery or surroundings as no relubrication is needed
  • Accredited by TÜV SÜD as compliant with ISO 14001:2004 


Trial without re-lubrication at high speeds.

Graphic representation corresponds to iwis test results.

iwis MEGAlife diagram
iwis MEGAlife lifetime
Application example of iwis maintenance-free MEGAlife chains in automatic storage systems

The proven solution for more performance and efficiency

Maintenance-free MEGAlife chains are characterized by their high fatigue and breaking strength as well as outstanding wear life. Thanks to their high precision and load capacity, they are the first choice for numerous demanding applications. In addition, MEGAlife chains require no relubrication and can be used in a temperature range from -40 °C to +150 °C. This is achieved by high-performance sintered bushes in combination with specially coated components and wear-resistant pins. This joint design reduces friction very effectively and reduces wear elongation over a long period without relubrication. In this way, the maintenance effort for MEGAlife maintenance-free chains can be significantly reduced compared to standard roller chains!

  • Optimum wear resistance – even at high speeds
  • Extremely good tensile and fatigue strength
  • Exact parallel and synchronous operation
  • Ultra-precise positioning
  • Coated components for high-quality corrosion protection
  •  Very easy to dismantle
  • Reduced downtimes and maintenance costs
  • MEGAlife chains are clean, dry and environmentally friendly.
Application example maintenance-free iwis chains in the pharmaceutical industry

Wide range of applications and segments

MEGAlife maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains deliver extremely high performance and have a multitude of uses. The chains can be used wherever relubrication is impossible or difficult, for example in dry ambient conditions or in applications where access for maintenance work is impeded. The tried and tested technology of MEGAlife chains makes a persuasive case and they are safer to use, with reduced downtimes, longer intervals between replacements in machines and systems and far lower maintenance costs.e range of applications and industrial segments 

Simply more sustainablity at iwis!

Simply more sustainability

We understand that what we do has an impact on the environment. And so we see it as our duty to use all the business and technical options available to us and employ well thought out processes to reduce this impact to the absolute minimum. Our business activities, our operational processes and our decisions are always guided by economic, ecological and social considerations – which is why we support the 17 UN sustainable development goals in our activities. 


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