Companies must be innovative in order to leverage profitable economic growth. Our engineers are connected in global networks, enabling us to develop innovative products. Identifying and evaluating the demands of markets and customers and converting them into new products is the main challenge of

innovation-driven development – and also secures sustainable competitiveness and viability for us and our customers. Our engineers are particularly skilled in discovering trends and developing new materials, manufacturing technologies and customer-specific product and service solutions.

Always remain curious, dare to be different and never be afraid of change

We aim to achieve this goal by engaging in all areas of Research and Development:

Fundamental research

What will tomorrow’s world look like? Our fundamental research focuses on identifying, evaluating and promoting future technologies. The aims – and the basis – of innovation are to constantly review tried and tested materials and processes to make good products even better.

Technological development

When seeking solutions for customer-specific challenges, we are able to draw on fundamental research findings, application-based knowledge and decades of practical experience. We develop and implement technologies to meet the special requirements of our customers.


iwis has adapted its product portfolio to market demands many times in the course of several decades. The aim of pre-development is to pave the way for serial production- and market-driven product development. We put new technologies to the test and examine the practicability of new products, using various procedures and processes to design functional prototypes, which reduces technical risk.

Product and process development

The final step is to merge all previous steps and create a tangible new product or improve an existing product. Discover more about our innovations

iwis chain calculation

Our procedures

A product does not reveal its true qualities until it has been subjected to extreme conditions in real-life trials. Exceeding maximum limits or failing to meet minimum requirements causes avoidable costs, either through over-specification when unnecessarily expensive products are used, or under-specification resulting in overloads that lead to premature machine failure. Even under known operating conditions, selection of a product that is fit for purpose will only be successful if the following conditions are met:

  • Practicable calculation methods with a sound theoretical basis
  • Reliable data gathered from in-depth practical experience
  • Computer-assisted product calculation

iwis offers you all this as a comprehensive service package.

Fresh ideas create new prospects

iwis continues to promote closer ties with universities and reputable research institutes, and actively participates in research projects. This ensures a constant transfer of knowledge.

Innovation means not simply inventing and developing, but also successfully implementing new technologies in the market. This is the only way to maintain our successful position as a global systems supplier and continue to create innovative, customer-specific solutions. At iwis, innovation management is an integral part of corporate strategy. Our ideas management department collates and examines ideas from various departments and external partners – further proof that iwis is a company that is constantly “striding ahead”.

System solutions for the Packaging Industry

Drive Systems

Drive Systems

Engineering solution-oriented

Our development team is constantly working on improving our existing product range and developing new solutions for and with our customers. iwis is continuously looking beyond knwon chain applications, searching for new innovative chain drives. Learn more
System solutions for the automotive industry

Engine systems

Engine systems

Research and development Center

Innovation as a driver is a key motivator for iwis's development engineers. Only through continually questioning known solutions can we spark innovative ideas for future solutions. iwis has over 80 experts in engineering, physics and the material sciences work. Simultaneous engineering is successfully practised day by day at all levels. This ensures rapid development times within a shared development workflow. Learn more

Smart connect

Smart connect

The growing e-mobility combines the increasing mobility needs with the demanded sustainability aspects.

We develop effective and reliable process chains, we explore the limits of technical feasibility and take the latest manufacturing technology and efficiency considerations into account. In this way, we reinforce our profound knowledge leadership. Learn more
iwis innovations



Focus of our corporate philosophy

iwis has a development and research centre consisting of more than 80 competent engineers, physicists and materials scientists. Simultaneous engineering is successfully practiced on all levels on a daily basis. This guarantees fast development times and the joint development processes. Learn more
iwis industrial chains

Chain engineering

Chain engineering

Chain engineering terms

Chain engineering is concerned with chain drives for power and motion transmission. A chain drive consists of at least one drive sprocket and one driven sprocket (input and output). Positive-lock power transmission is usually steered via sprockets. Learn more
iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
iwis chain calculation

Chain Design Request 

Chain Design Request 

Finding the right solutions for your challenge

Our team of experienced engineers and designers constantly puts its store of technical know-how to practical use: finding solutions for the challenges of customer projects.  We support you. Learn more


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