Environmental Management and Protection

iwis is a leading European company that always acts in accordance with the principles of sustainability: environmental protection is an integral part of iwis corporate policy. Wherever technically possible, we minimise the environmental impact of the manufacture and life-cycle of our products and are continuously improving the environmental performance of our company by implementing the appropriate environmental goals and programmes. Conscientious compliance with all environmentally relevant legal requirements is at the heart of our corporate policy.

Our corporate philosophy is to take not only economic issues, but also social and ecological aspects into account in all decision-making and development processes. We are fully aware of our responsibility towards future generations and firmly committed to conserving our resources.

Our employees are continuously reminded of their personal responsibility in the safety-related execution of their activities.

iwis Environmental Management and Sustainability

Environmental protection is important to us

With new products and production processes, we take the requirements of environmental protection into account as early as the development phase. Already during the planning of production processes and the installation and operation of our technical facilities, we strive to use only the best available technology. Furthermore, we use all possibilities to save energy and raw materials, to avoid, reduce or recycle pollutants and noise emissions as well as waste.

It is a matter of course for us to comply with the legal regulations and other environmental interests of the interested parties as well as the binding obligations to environmental protection and, where possible, to exceed them.

Efficient use of resources at iwis

Environmental protection is and always has been a particularly important item on the iwis agenda. As iwis not only complies with all current legal requirements as a matter of course, but has always implemented additional targeted measures to protect the environment at the earliest possible opportunity, the company first received the Environmental Award of Bavaria’s capital city Munich as long ago as 1998.

Our environmental strategy centers on minimising our use of precious resources such as water, energy and raw materials, and the use of environment-friendly materials and primary products. In addition, the definition of numerous environmental goals has resulted in a continuous improvement of our environmental performance in recent years.

These goals include measures for the proper disposal and recycling of waste as well as a reduction of noise levels and pollutant emissions. Another ongoing project is the creation of an Energy Management System which will enable our production plants to considerably reduce their power consumption. When constructing new buildings to expand our production capacity, iwis takes great care to employ the latest energy-efficient building techniques and comply with Germany's energy saving regulations (EnEV).

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Environmental audits 

We carry out regular ecological assessments and implement corrective measures to ensure that we achieve the desired environmental protection targets. A yearly internal audit is conducted to assess the company’s impact on the environment, environmental performance and environmental targets. The results and recommendations for action are verified and monitored by independent environmental experts.

Special mention of the employees who receive regular training in environmental issues is also particularly important, as they play a key role in corporate environmental protection. They contribute actively and directly to environmental conservation at the respective production sites.


iwis also continuously invests in measures aimed at improving energy efficiency and conserving resources. This is a crucial prerequisite for ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 accreditation of our environmental management system, which is rigorously applied across the entire company.

iwis Company Structure

Company structure

Company structure

Worldwide success

iwis has a worldwide reputation as a supplier of high-end technical products, highest technical competence, yearslong experience and customer-oriented services. Our corporate culture is characterized as a family company. iwis has a decentralised organisational structure and is divided into four autonomous operational divisions. Learn more
iwis management



Success requires an efficient structure.

Our Board of Directors and Executives manage the company responsibly and in a value-oriented manner and aim to sustainably increases the value of the company. Through the consistent use of numerous synergies and efficient brand management, the Directors ensures the company.'s success. Nationally and globally. Learn more
iwis Work Life Balance

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Our employees are our greatest asset

Mutual respect, trusting collaboration and open dialog – these values not only characterize our corporate culture but are also firmly entrenched in our Corporate Principles. Other important factors include topics such as occupational safety, health management, diversity and work-life balance. Learn more

Sustainability at iwis

Sustainability at iwis

We are aware of our responsibility for the future

Sustainability is firmly anchored in the iwis agenda as a key component of our future-oriented corporate management. Read more


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