Chain solutions for the confectionery industry

Chains and chain drive systems used in confectionery production, one of the most important branches of the food industry, must meet extreme requirements. The crucial factors are steady, reliable parallel running, precise positioning and optimised downtimes to guarantee maximum efficiency and trouble-free conveying of moulds. Cleaning, relubrication and corresponding product safety are also becoming increasingly important issues.

Thanks to the wide and diverse range of suitable products, products, processes, materials and lubricants we provide, iwis precision chains offer outstanding service life, the highest possible length accuracy and narrow tolerances for pair-matched chains in every application.

Chains for food industry applications


  • Reliability and extremely long service life
  • Highest possible length accuracy and pair tolerances
  • Optimum selection of materials and lubricants
  • Maintenance-free MEGAlife chains – for applications where relubrication is impossible or undesirable
  • Local customer care by iwis staff

iwis antriebssysteme regards itself as a development partner and technology leader who can help you to meet the challenges you face. State-of-the-art simulation and configuration tools developed in-house help our design engineers to decide on the right products at an early stage.

iwis solutions for the confectionery industry


Increased productivity and higher output volumes mean that regular preventive maintenance of production facilities can only take place at long intervals, so it is vital to ensure that drive chains and conveyor systems are durable and completely reliable.

We reduce initial and operational wear with a special pre-stretching process that allows fast, easy and precise chain fitting, and optimize wear elongation with a balanced combination of ideal material matching, high-precision chain production and maintenance-free components.

Positioning / Accuracy

Applications in the confectionery industry often involve the conveying of finished products or moulds, which in turn requires the use of roller chains with restricted length tolerances to guarantee high-precision parallel drives and accurate relative positioning of chain attachments.

Chains manufactured to standard DIN ISO 606 must be produced to tolerances between +0 to +0.15 % of their nominal length under a defined measuring force and length. In the case of a 5-metre standard length chain, this can mean length deviations of up to 7.5 mm.

Thanks to a special production process, we are able to reduce the tolerance range of our JWIS precision chains even further – as little as 0.025 % of the nominal length – thereby achieving maximum possible accuracy within individual roller chains.

With parallel drives consisting of two chain strands, parallel running to within 0.3 mm– regardless of total chain length – can also be achieved, which guarantees accurate positioning.

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Chains for confectionery industry applications:

MEGAlife maintenance-free

MEGAlife is synonymous with maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains. Just two typical reasons for using a maintenance-free chain are when access to automotive industry conveyor systems for maintenance work is difficult, or when relubrication is inconvenient or undesirable. MEGAlife roller chains combine excellent wear protection and durability with corrosion protection and eco-friendliness.

More about MEGAlife

b.dry Maintenance-free stainless steel chains

Stainless steel chains also belong to the “maintenance-free” category. They are extremely wear-resistant, rustproof and absolutely dry. The secret of b.dry chains is their special construction: they are made from rustproof, maintenance-free CF stainless steel with an optimised bearing design, in combination with a b.dry bush.

More about b.dry

Roller chains industrial chains drive chains iwis

Industrial Chains

Industrial Chains

iwis offers an extensive roller chain program for a wide range of industrial applications

in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards, as well as numerous special chains for a variety of uses. A complete overview. Learn more
CCM-S - The chain elongation monitoring system on JWIS chain



Chain Condition Monitoring

The CCM-S is the latest chain monitoring innovation from iwis.  With additional interfaces and sensors, it measures the wear elongation of chains in use and thus helps maintenance personnel to recognise in good time when the chain needs to be replaced due to wear elongation. Learn more
iwis Re-Lubrication VP6

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

The right maintenance is a basic requirement for low wear and a long service life.

Regular maintenance and repair prevents machine and production plant breakdowns. iwis can give fundamental recommendations and support with maintenance work on  drive chains, sprockets and other drive components. Learn more
iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more


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