Our Corporate Culture

iwis is and will remain a family company, so the Group is inseparable from the founding Winklhofer family. Our value-oriented corporate culture and philosophy guarantee a strong sense of belonging and cohesion, open and

honest relations between management and employees, and mutual trust between the company and its partners and customers.

Our Philosophy

In 1895, company founder Johann Baptist Winklhofer (1859-1949) formulated his “Ten Commandments for people striding ahead”, at the same time laying the foundations for a philosophy that still motivates us today: we aim to keep moving, to expand and develop, and to stride ahead! The words of our founder are still true today and form the basis of our philosophy and our mission statements.

„Tradition – to know where you’re going, you must know where you come from.“
Our company mission statements

Our company mission statement describes what drives us, what makes us what we are and what is important to us: our motivation, our goals, and the principles that determine our actions.

iwis encourages and empowers its employees to take responsibility for their own performance. This empowerment of our employees and recognition of their abilities and performance have made iwis what it is today.

iwis Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy describes our drive, the factors which define us, what is important to us: our motivation, our goals and the principles on which our actions are based.

iwis Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

The day-to-day working relationships at iwis is defined by the management and staff philosophy. These set our standards, our attitude and the framework for our daily cooperation.

iwis Staff Philosophy

Staff Philosophy

The staff philosophy describes the rules of cooperation and the company's claim to health and ethics of the individual.

iwis Company Structure

Company structure

Company structure

Worldwide success

iwis has a worldwide reputation as a supplier of high-end technical products, highest technical competence, yearslong experience and customer-oriented services. Our corporate culture is characterized as a family company. iwis has a decentralised organisational structure and is divided into four autonomous operational divisions. Learn more
iwis Compliance Code of Conduct



Growth with responsibility

Our success is designed for the long term and our corporate mission statement is omnipresent. That is why we act reliably, with integrity and fairness in our dealings with our business partners and internally. Always with clear structures, responsibilities and guidelines. Learn more
iwis drive systems

Products and Brands

Products and Brands

iwis is versatile 

Technical perfection of highest quality for your success - that is our claim. For over 100 years iwis has stood for a wide range of sophisticated products and services. Our technology and chain design are focused on practical application requirements all over the world. Learn more
iwis Environmental Management and Sustainability

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

We are aware of our responsibility

iwis is a leading European company that always acts in accordance with the principles of sustainability: environmental protection is an integral part of iwis corporate policy. Learn more


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