VARIACTO Design form

Personal data

Description of application

Please describe the application as detailed as possible

Please upload information to you application here

Are individual deflections or guides possible or necessary?

Are there shocks or vibrations in the application?

What is the expected duty cycle or number of cycles?

Is maintenance or relubrication possible in the application? If possible, please specify the interval.

Does the drive replace an existing system? Description if possible

Performance data

Required static chain force (kN)

Required dynamic chain force (kN)

Required chain stroke (mm)

Required chain stroke - unguided (mm)

Available Mounting Space, esp. Height (mm)

Required chain speed (m/s)

Max. acceleration (m/s²)

If a drive is already present:

RPM (1/min)

Torque Max. (Nm)

Environmental conditions

"What is the degree of soiling? (1 = not present / 5 = heavy soiling)"

What influences occur in the application?

What is the min./max. temperature range? (°C)

Does (chemical) cleaning take place?

Drive and connection

Is the permanent pre-tensioning of the chain ensured when extended to prevent the chain from collapsing?

Is a chain storage from iwis required?

Are there any special requirements for the chain end piece?

Are there any special requirements for the shaft connection? (e.g. diameter, length, feather key)

Can the drive be mounted on a stable and rigid surface?


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