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Engineering industrial applications

Our Research and Development is not only constantly striving to improve our existing product range, but also works on new solutions for and with our customers. Moreover, iwis looks beyond the familiar chain applications to actively seek out new fields for the use of innovative chain drive systems.

iwis stands for creativity and innovation – and also for cooperation and partnership. We work closely with our suppliers and customers to develop, test and produce all-round solutions. Please contact us if you have a specific problem to solve – we love the challenge of new applications!

iwis Engineering Elevator chain test stand

Main development areas

On the technical side, our development efforts concentrate on a wide variety of points, but the main focus is always on improving step by step.

Our main development topics are:

  • Increasing the wear resistance and fatigue strength of our products
  • Optimising chain link tribology to improve efficiency and minimise wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Implementing new materials, coatings and production technologies
  • Weight reduction through optimised design and the use of alternative materials
  • System optimisation by considering the chain drive system as a whole, including sprockets, guides and tensioners
iwis Engineering test stand industrial chains

Product innovations

Providing solutions is our speciality – and part of our corporate philosophy.

By collaborating with customers on feasibility studies, designing components and performing deformation and stress analyses, we can adapt existing designs to customers' individual requirements or develop entirely new chain drives.

The physical properties of the chain design are then examined by subjecting the components to vibration and stress tests. Prototypes undergo rigorous testing for durability and service life on test rigs which subject chain drives to far greater loads than they will ever encounter under real-life conditions.

We are committed to fulfilling customer expectations by delivering products of the very highest quality.

iwis Engineering test stand fatigue strength

Testing and trials

iwis operates the world's largest testing facilities for conveyor and drive chains at its Munich headquarters.

In addition to fundamental research, we also conduct customer-specific wear, strength or corrosion examinations – both on existing standard test rigs and on custom testing equipment for special applications.

InduKet — The iwis calculation programme for chain drives

IT intelligence used in the daily industrial routine: iwis has developed special PC software to help you design or pre-select a suitable chain for application.

This program identifies suitable industrial drive chains for:

  • power transmission between parallel shafts
  • handling static or pulsating loads
  • use as transport or conveyor chains

The key element of the program is the calculation of the drive power required to drive a chain. The calculation is based on a detailed analysis of the application type:

  • Output torque
  • Chain loads for conveying tasks
  • Friction on the tensioning and guide rails
  • Bearing friction

In order to optimise chain service life, you can therefore vary the operating conditions (e.g. lubrication and dynamics) or choose a different type of chain.

Learn more about our InduKet - Chain Calculation Programm

Designing chain drives

A number of roller chain-specific rules and conditions have to be observed when designing drive and conveyor chain applications. Are you familiar with the iwis Chain Handbook? This useful work of reference sets out and illustrates the fundamentals of chain engineering: the various components and their characteristics, calculation formulae, charts and tables, complemented by calculation examples and descriptions of typical applications.

Do you have a specific question? Send your calculation enquiry to the experienced iwis Design and Development team:

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We will be happy to help you design your chain drive. 


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