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The timber industry is sub-divided into numerous sectors which all have the same fundamental raw material in common: wood. The sawmill industry, as the link between tree felling and wood processing, provides the cut timber required for subsequent processing.

Many chains used in wood processing are subject to extreme dynamic loads. ELITE chains are designed to be particularly impact-resistant. Sprockets, plate wheels and accessories complete our product range.

Chains for timber processing by iwis

The rough-and-tumble of timber processing

The time allowed for the reduction of tree trunks to cut planks is becoming shorter and shorter, and high-speed timber processing has become an increasingly important requirement.

In order to deliver the speed and efficiency the industry demands, sawmill machinery and components must fulfil extremely tough requirements.

Wood is a natural resource that that creates difficult conditions for processing machines. No two tree trunks are alike, and coarse wood chips and fine sawdust can have a negative impact on machine components. Chains tend to wear out more quickly due to inadequate lubrication, because dirt adheres to the chain and prevents the lubricant from penetrating to where it is needed most.

Chains in the sawmill industry by iwis

Wide range of products

Chains are used in many applications in the sawmill industry: in the log yard, for flitching, and in the course of sorting and drying timber and generating the power required to drive the machinery used in these processes. iwis is your reliable partner for conveyor, handling and drive chain applications.

As the operating environment is full of dust, wood chips and other dirt, iwis uses appropriate lubricants to reduce wear throughout the long service life of the chain, thereby ensuring a high level of machine availability.

Roller chains with sawtooth plates handling sawn planks iwis

The impressive ELITE product range

As well as drive roller chains manufactured to standard ISO 606 (DIN 8187 and DIN 8188), the range includes selected special chains for a wide variety of timber industry applications.

Many chains used in wood processing are subject to extreme dynamic loads, so they are designed to be particularly impact-resistant. Sprockets, plate wheels and accessories complete our product range.

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Chains for wood processing applications:

Roller chains with sawtooth plates for handling sawn planks

Roller chains with sawtooth plates are used mainly in the timber processing and sawmill industry. The sawtooth plates are particularly suitable for transporting sawn timber.

Roller chains with vulcanised elastomer profiles

The vulcanised elastomer profiles used for this roller chain enable planed boards to be transported gently and without scratching.

Bush conveyor chains compliant with DIN 8165 and DIN 8167

Bush conveyor chains are especially suitable for conveying loads over long distances at relatively low speeds. iwis supplies custom-built conveyor chains that are specifically made to a customer order and fulfil special requirements.

iwis chain calculation

Chain calculation and chain design

Chain calculation and chain design

finding solutions for your challenge

Our team of experienced engineers and designers constantly puts its store of technical know-how to practical use: finding solutions for the challenges of customer projects.  We support you. Learn more
Roller chains industrial chains drive chains iwis

Industrial Chains

Industrial Chains

iwis offers an extensive roller chain program for a wide range of industrial applications

in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards, as well as numerous special chains for a variety of uses. A complete overview. Learn more
Sprockets industrial applications



Available in various designs : standard or customized

iwis offers an impressively wide range and broad stock of various sprockets with pilot bores, and has full production facilities in order to rapidly rework pilot bore sprockets to customers demands. Furthermore, iwis provides fully finished sprockets manufactured according to customer designs and drawings. Learn more
iwis Re-Lubrication VP6

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

Maintenance of Chain Drive Systems

The right maintenance is a basic requirement for low wear and a long service life.

Regular maintenance and repair prevents machine and production plant breakdowns. iwis can give fundamental recommendations and support with maintenance work on  drive chains, sprockets and other drive components. Learn more


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