Movable Contacting Solution – High-current contacting for e-mobility

The most important characteristic of our MCS contacting system is its reliable power transmission with mobile contacting, which enables three degrees of freedom and, when used in battery technology, allows expansion of individual cells of up to 3mm (or more, depending on customer specification).

A patent is pending for our MCS contact system, a technology which offers you significant advantages in terms of power density, service life, reliability, flexibility, time saving and cost reduction.

Technical highlights:

  • Permanent power transmission of 100 A or more (depending on pin diameter and maximum warming of below 25 K)
  • Constant, stable, low contact resistance
  • Tolerance compensation up to 3.0mm, depending on different degrees of heat expansion
  • Guaranteed power transmission of up to 300 ampère at maximum warming value of less than 60 K

Applications in the following industries:

  • Automotive high-current contacting, hybrid and electro-mobility
  • Mass storage units, lithium ion storage units
  • Small storage units, stationary and mobile energy storage systems
  • Practical cordless contacting extensions e.g. in switchgear cabinets

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Marc-Michael Enzensperger, Head of Sales

Tel: +49 8362 9122-0

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