iwis is a family-run company with a firm commitment to reliability and integrity that goes far beyond simply abiding by laws and rules.

We have therefore drawn up an iwis Code of Conduct which gives clear guidance on how to act correctly in case of doubt. This Code of Conduct represents a binding obligation for us and our employees, and ensures the successful continuation of our business activities in the long term.

A question of attitude

Doing the right thing – in compliance with the law and statutory provisions – is not a spontaneous decision, but instead demands reliable, clearly-defined structures and guidelines. It equally requires structures that governs decisions for the benefit of all and ensure respectful and targeted cooperation. Our employees receive regular training on the subject of compliance.

What gifts am I allowed to offer my business partner? What are the rules on entertainment? As an iwis employee, how do I behave in public? These are just a few of the issues dealt with in the Code of Conduct.

Compliance Code of Conduct - Compact

iwis therefore requires its employees to comply with all national and international legal requirements and fundamental ethical principles. Managers, in particular, must lead by example and demonstrate impeccable behaviour at all times.
iwis assesses its commercial relationships with its partners solely on the basis of performance and other objective criteria. We categorically reject any form of corruption. iwis employees are committed to the principle that personal advantages may never, either directly or indirectly, be solicited, accepted, offered or granted. iwis is committed to the lawful, irreproachable handling of gifts and hospitality. Only small gifts, hospitality, entertainment or other occasional considerations may be accepted or given. In the case of more valuable gifts etc., or when in doubt, iwis employees must consult their line manager, the Compliance Officer or senior management. No cash or cash-equivalent gifts may be offered or accepted. Similarly, no gifts or considerations may be offered or accepted in connection with business decisions by iwis or its partners (see also appendix “Guide for the handling of gifts” attached to the Code of Conduct). iwis only maintains business relations with companies and individuals who are committed to upholding the same ethical standards and complying with the same legal requirements. iwis always verifies the identity and integrity of a business partner before concluding any agreement.
iwis employees avoid conflicts of interest so as to ensure mutual confidence and trust. Business decisions at iwis are made solely on the basis of objective facts and commercial requirements. Undue influence through personal and private interests will not be tolerated. Business decisions and the selection of business partners are the result of a transparent process and are based purely on objective criteria.
In all internal and external business transactions, iwis employees adhere strictly to the decisions and provisions of the authorised signatories. Business decisions with external consequences must be verified by two persons (“two pairs of eyes” rule).
iwis observes all applicable anti-trust and competition legislation and is committed to observing the ban on cartels.
This extends to all confidential information and business secrets that are not accessible to third parties. Commercial and industrial secrets are an important part of a company's capital and must be protected by all employees.
In particular, this includes human rights, anti-discrimination laws, and the prohibition of forced labour and child labour. iwis also complies with the relevant national regulations on working hours and pay. iwis employees are always fair and objective in their relationships with each other, business partners and third parties. Sexual harassment, threats, intimidation or physical violence are strictly forbidden.
All comments made by iwis employees in a business context on social media or in other public forums are professional and objective. Only the appointed company officers or contact persons make statements to the media.
IT resources, equipment and other hardware at iwis may only be used for internal business-related purposes and must be treated with care.
iwis employees are aware that infringements may result in written warnings, actions for damages or termination of their employment contract. In their respective areas of responsibility, managers implement all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that their employees comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

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