CCM-S Chain Condition Monitoring-Smart

We would be pleased to advise you on the correct use of the CCM-S system.

Please fill in the following technical information:

1. Chain in use

For which chain do you want to use Chain Condition Monitoring?

Which connecting link is in use?

Chain speed?

Chain length in total in mm?

Center distance?

Can the recommended distance of 0.5m to the next sprocket be maintained?

Number of attachments?

Is a chain tensioner provided?

Installation on load and empty strand possible?

Please note that the CCM-S may under no circumstances be used as a guide! If necessary, we recommend installing a guide on the other side of the chain strand to ensure smooth running of the chain on the CCM-S.

Please upload here pictures, drawings or sketches of the chain and/or the drive.

2. Circumstances

In which environment do you want to use the CCM-S?

Is the installation space 260x60x20 mm available?

Temperature range in the application?

Which influences are in the application?

What other influences occur in your application area?

Are there magnetic contaminations?

Which lubrication(s) do you use?

Are there shocks in the application?

How is the running mode?

Is protection class IP67 sufficient for your application?

SLE-function (Segment Link Elogation)

An additional function of the CCM-S is the SLE function. This enables you to monitor the chain elongation of individual segments and not just the average elongation of the entire chain.

This is an optional additional function. Do you want to use this function?

Data analysis

How do you want to use chain condition monitoring?


Do you need support?

Which PLC system and which fieldbus system do you use in the application?

Do you have any further questions?

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