Social Responsibility

What really drives our company is the motivation of its employees, because our products and services need the people at iwis to bring them to life. We believe in creating an environment of mutual respect and a readiness to engage in frank, open dialogue in order to ensure mutual cooperation and confidence.

These values are not only the basis of our corporate culture, but also an integral part of our overall mission statement. Other important factors at iwis are further qualifications, industrial health and safety, health management and work-life balance, because we can only create important innovations and secure our long-term future if our employees are contented.

„The strongest link in our chain: our employees.“

Passion for top performance: a holistic concept.

Our employees are the foundation stone of our competitive advantage. Their strengths are an essential factor in our success, so supporting and developing our employees is one of our main priorities, pursued as rigorously as our development of innovative products and services. In this way, we invest in the development of people around the world and at every level of the company.

Gerhard Winklhofer Bildungswerk Overview

Professional development

His firm belief in the value of life-long learning inspired our senior partner to set up the “Gerhard Winklhofer Bildungswerk” (GWB) training centre. Here, life-long learning is more than just a media buzzword – it is a professional necessity. The Gerhard Winklhofer Bildungswerk (GWB) unites all iwis concepts, training activities and support programmes, so it is very closely aligned with the philosophy of life-long learning. The GWB offers a wide range of seminars, workshops and events for our employees. The main focus is on technology, technical expertise and leadership skills.

Learn more about the GWB

Industrial health and safety

Here at iwis, we take a holistic view of industrial health and safety. All sections of the company work together with their assigned safety officers to ensure the safety of the employees.

The statistics clearly reflect the benefits of this close collaboration: industrial accident rates at iwis have been below the industry average year after year.

However, every single accident is one too many! iwis has set itself the ambitious goal of  keeping the accident rate low in the long term.

iwis takes a holistic view of industrial health and safety
iwis Family Hiking Day 2017
iwis Family Hiking Day 2017

Health management

Our health management is a systematic, holistic process that embraces all levels of the company – from top management to the individual employee. Our health management focuses strongly on the active promotion of our employees’ health, raising their awareness in health matters and giving them comprehensive information about risk factors.

Other important key elements:

  • Promoting health and primary preventive measures e.g. exercise and stress-management programmes, bowel cancer screening
  • Regular health days
  • Serving healthy food in our company canteen
  • Fitness programmes, activity days and organised hikes
  • Occupational healthcare screening and support
  • Reintegration management (e.g. after serious illness)
  • Social counselling
  • Johannes Winklhofer Stiftung foundation for employees in need

Work-life balance

We want to enable our employees to reconcile private goals and professional requirements in every phase of their lives.

This includes providing not only flexible working hours models, but also various programmes for company pension schemes, childcare at our own company kindergarten and crèche, social counselling and a number of discounts and other benefits for employees.

Ensuring the compatibility of career and family has been an integral part of iwis corporate and personnel policy for decades.

iwis Work Life Balance

Frank, open dialogue

iwis wants to have dedicated, satisfied employees. In order to encourage a culture of open communication, iwis conducts regular employee satisfaction surveys and organises feedback discussion forums with senior managers.

Ideas management was implemented to enable employees to suggest improvements and has since become a firm feature of our company landscape. Ideas management is intended to enable and encourage employees to submit their ideas on ways of improving their day-to-day work or optimising services, processes etc. It is controlled and coordinated by harmonised, uniform principles and framework conditions, and all instances of implementation progress are documented.

iwis Company Structure

Company structure

Company structure

Worldwide success

iwis has a worldwide reputation as a supplier of high-end technical products, highest technical competence, yearslong experience and customer-oriented services. Our corporate culture is characterized as a family company. iwis has a decentralised organisational structure and is divided into four autonomous operational divisions. Learn more
iwis Corporate Culture

Corporate culture

Corporate culture

We are those who stride ahead

Our philosophy and company mission statements describe what drives us, what makes us, and what is important to us: our motivation, our goals and the principles on which our actions are based. Learn more
iwis Compliance Code of Conduct



Growth with responsibility

Our success is designed for the long term and our corporate mission statement is omnipresent. That is why we act reliably, with integrity and fairness in our dealings with our business partners and internally. Always with clear structures, responsibilities and guidelines. Learn more



Set your course for the future

What started as a small bicycle chain business is now a family-run company with a global presence at more than 45 locations worldwide. Learn more


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