InduKet: the Chain Drive Calculation Program for Engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. First select a chain you think will be suitable, the software will then look browse under the term “Industrial chain drives” and identify the appropriate drive chains:

  • for power transmission between parallel shafts
  • for handling static or pulsating loads
  • for use as transport or conveyor chains

Start today and download the program here.

iwis chain calculation

IT intelligence in day-to-day industrial processes

The key element of the program is calculating the drive power required to drive a chain. In order to do so, the type of application is analysed in detail::

  • Output torque
  • Chain loads for conveying tasks
  • Friction on the tensioning and guide rails
  • Bearing friction

If you wish to optimise chain service life, you can then improve operating conditions (e.g. lubrication and dynamics) or choose a different type of chain.

We recommend the iwis chain engineering handbook as a useful work of reference. It contains calculation formulae, tables, calculation examples and a description of typical application scenarios.

iwis Chain Drive Calculation Program InduKet

Downlod InduKet

To use the chain calculation program, registration is required. The program call takes place via a user ID with an individual password. Therefore, a user file must be requested from iwis after installation.

All future program enhancements and corrections are automatically distributed to all registered users. This ensures that the calculations are based on the same status with regard to the program files.

After sending the filled out registration form, you will immediately receive the system database "IS.dta" with the encrypted user data. The data also includes your password for starting InduKet.

Installation notes

  • If you are installing the program for the first time, please enter your user details and hard drive serial number in the registration form below. 
  • Please download the archive with program installation (31 MB)
  • Unzip the archive and start installation with the program "Install.exe".
  • To run the program, you need a user file that can only be created by iwis.
  • If an older version is already installed on your device, it will take over the old user file.

  • Run the program "SerialN.exe" (this program is included in the installation archive you have downloaded) to display the serial number of your hard drive "C:\".
  • You will receive in return an user file "is.dta" from iwis.
  • Copy this user file "is.dta" to an arbitrary temporary directory.
  • At the next start of InduKet you can load is.dta from this temporary directory. ( The program will then save the is.dta into the application directory of your user account: "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\iwis" ).


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