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Specialised chains for specialist machinery

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iwis offers a wide range of agricultural machinery chain products for other applications:

  • Elevator chains
  • Scraper chains
  • Gathering chains
  • Corn harvester chains
  • Bucket elevator chains
  • Rough conveyor chains
  • Leaf chains

Selection of iwis special chains for agricultural machinery

Elevator chains

iwis elevator chains boast top reliability in a wide variety of applications, from combine harvesters to stationary corn elevators. We can supply ELITE elevator chains in your required configuration i.e. paddles in all sizes and materials as fully assembled unit, with or without metal support, or simply as base chain in a wide variety of pitches.

Scraper chains

Scraper chains from iwis – 100% reliability, even in difficult applications. These chains are available in a wide, diverse range of versions and sizes. Of course, we can also design chains to your specification for use in existing machinery or newly designed plant.

Gathering chains

Gathering chains in combine harvesters must fulfil the highest standards to guarantee efficient, successful crop harvesting. iwis gathering chains, which are available in many different versions, have met these requirements for years with great success. We can supply everything from a ready-to-fit complete gathering system for your combine harvester to a single chain or even a replacement slat.

Maize harvester chains

These chains need to be particularly wear resistant, as they are mounted closed to the ground and therefore in direct contact not only with aggressive plant juices, but also soil and stones. The special materials and heat treatment processes used for iwis ELITE maize harvester chains – as well as special surface coatings available on request – ensure that the chains are particularly resistant to these adverse environmental conditions.

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