The CLA chain lubrication system for chain drives from iwis: economical, clean, absolutely precise!

As more than two thirds of all chain failures can be avoided with proper relubrication.

Thanks to the use of a special applicator, the new Chain Lubrication System from iwis permanently delivers lubricant to the chain drive and other components – and in this way ensures a long chain service life economically, cleanly and with absolute precision.

An environmentally friendly, "green" solution that also lowers costs and reduces the risk of contamination of plant equipment.


Regular maintenance and lubrication are essential to ensure low wear and extend the service life of a chain drive.

The CLA lubrication systems supports users to maintain chain drives efficiently and economically.

iwis CLA with 4 outlets



iwis’s new CLA lubrication system for chain drives acts as a highly
efficient minimum quantity lubrication system. The compact size simplifies the task of retrofitting the device in existing plant and machinery.

The highlight of the CLA system The special applicator,
which is made from a high-performance material is the special applicator, which is made from a high-performance material. The applicator acts as a reservoir via which small quantities of lubricant are continuously delivered to the employed chain drive at the precise locations where it is actually needed. This prevents the operating roller chain from not being supplied with enough lubricant and also prevents unnecessarily large volumes of oil from being dispensed onto the chain and its environment.

The CLA pumps can be operated separately. The following versions are available: 

  • time-controlled (TC version)
  • pulse-controlled (PC version)

The CLA pumps can be operated separately either with time control or can be simply integrated in the machine’s PLC.

iwis PU-foam-applicator sprockets chain

Extremely robust

The special applicators store the lubricant, which is dispensed at intervals by the pump, and continuous supply of the chain joint with lubricant. The applicators are available in many variants, including custom designs.



  • Controlled minimum quantity lubrication
  • Clean environment because there is no misting, as in the case
    of spray systems, for example
  • Mounted on sliding bearings and equipped with a spring
    metal sheet for optimum contact with the chain strand
  • Optionally available with guide pinions for high speeds
  • No fraying, as in the case of brushes, for example
iwis CLA

The CLA Pump: compact and powerful!

The compact size simplifies the task of retrofitting the device in existing plant and machinery.



  • Powerful with max. 70 bar supply pressure
  • Capacity of 500 ml lubricant oil
  • Easy to refill with oil
  • Time-controlled or pulse-controlled for simple integration in the machine controller
  • One pump body: max. two outlets possible
  • Pulse-controlled version also available with two pump bodies: This makes up to four outlets possible. The oil volume can be set separately for the two pumps


The iwis CLA lubrication pumps are available in the following versions: 

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right pump and the right accessories for your application.


Please click here to plan your CLA-lubrication system

CLA Product Flyer
CLA Product Flyer
CLA Operation Manual
CLA Operation Manual

Perfect lubrication with the iwis CLA high-performance oils

Two lubricants – ideal for use with the iwis CLA lubrication system and perfectly suited for the relubrication of chains.


iwis CLA Oil HP

  • High-performance oil with PTFE for outstanding wear and corrosion protection properties
  • Highly effective additives for outstanding flow properties combined with slip-resistance due to its high viscosity
  • Ideally suited even for fast-running chain drives
 Colour  White
 Viscosity at 40 °C  2.500 mm²/s
 Density at +15 °C  0,92 g/cm³
 Temperature range  -10 °C bis +80 °C
 Container  5-litre cannister


iwis CLA Oil Food

  • Low-viscosity, high-performance lubricant with good flow properties and offering outstanding wear protection with  NSF-H1 food grade approval
  • Carefully selected additives allow the lubricant to penetrate perfectly into the chain links
  • The extremely resistant, high-adhesion lubricant also has excellent noise-reducing properties 
 Colour  Yellowish, clear
 Viscosity at 40 °C  141 mm²/s
 Density at +15 °C  0.867 g/cm³
 Temperature range  -15 °C to +120 °C
 Container  5-litre cannister
iwis CLA lubricating roller made from PU foam
iwis CLA hose
iwis PU-foam-applicator sprockets

CLA accessories – the right lubrication system configured to meet your individual needs


In addition to the CLA pump, iwis also supplies the corresponding
connecting elements
and tubes to form a set that is perfectly
adapted to the application in question.

For more information and technical details, see also the
CLA Operating Instructions.

  • Lubricating roller made from PU foam
  • Lubrication sprockets
  • Tube PA 12-PHL 6x3x1.5
  • Plug-in tube connectors for 6 mm various threads
  • Adapter for the lubrication points 
  • 4-pole cable with M12x1 connector

Overview of all CLA accessories


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