Regular servicing and maintenance prevent the breakdown of machines and production plants. You can rely on iwis to support and assist you with the maintenance of roller chains, industrial chains, sprockets and other drive components. We help you to keep your production up and running.

Outstanding chain assembly tools, regular maintenance and application-specific lubrication of drive chains are essential to ensure low wear and long service life for your chain drive.

iwis accessories are specially designed for our chain range, ensuring optimum functional performance and a long service life.

iwis initial Lubricants

Initial lubricants

As the chain plays a crucial role in power transmission, an effective initial lubrication of the chain is essential. iwis offers a wide range of initial lubricants that are ideally suited for the respective chains and applications, thereby increasing the service life of the chain.

Selection of the correct lubricant and appropriate lubrication method for the job reduces friction and increases chain efficiency. As a result, the chain also requires less maintenance, which means additional cost savings.

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iwis Re-Lubrication VP6


The service life of a chain depends largely on the correct and adequate replenishment of lubricant. Depending on the operating conditions, the initial lubricant is gradually used up over time because of the oscillating motion of the chain link.

iwis offers a high-adhesion, fully synthetic, high-temperature chain oil for the efficient relubrication of all industrial chain applications.

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iwis CLA-system 2

CLA chain lubrication system

As more than two thirds of all chain failures can be avoided with proper relubrication.

Thanks to the use of a special applicator, the new Chain Lubrication System from iwis permanently delivers lubricant to the chain drive and other components – and in this way ensures a long chain service life economically, cleanly and with absolute precision.

An environmentally friendly, "green" solution that also lowers costs and reduces the risk of contamination of plant equipment.

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Magnetic curves

Magnetic curves are single- or multiple-track plastic guides for flat top chains. The pins in the chain are attracted by pairs of magnets installed to hold the chain in the curve. iwis magnetic curves for flat top chains ensure that goods are conveyed without “stick-slip” pulsation.

The FLEXON magnetic corner track range is suitable for all common flat top chains, radii and angles, and naturally also includes standard TAB and bevel curves.

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CCM-S – Chain Condition Monitoring "Smart"

The latest chain monitoring innovation from iwis

With additional sensors and interfaces, measures the wear elongation of chains during use and, in this way, helps maintenance staff recognise in good time when the chain has to be replaced due to wear elongation.

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iwis wear gauges for roller chains and leaf chains

The optimum solution for chain wear elongation measurement Patented iwis high-resistance stainless steel gauge sets indicate the percentage of chain elongation, thus providing additional support for maintenance programs with minimal effort.

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iwis Pin extractor

Chain tools

iwis tools not only facilitate the breaking and riveting of roller chains pursuant to ISO 606 and to factory standards, but are also useful in the workshop.

Besides manual and mechanical pin extractors, iwis also provides specialist tools for accumulation chains, plate chains, leaf chains, and tube conveyor and pin oven chains.

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iwis Chain pullers for roller chains

Chain pullers

iwis chain pullers facilitate the insertion of connecting links into open roller chains. Turning the screws pulls the open ends of the chain towards each other so that the connecting link can be fitted.

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Further information can be found in our brochures:

Lubrication solutions
Lubrication solutions
Maintenance notes: Ensure that roller chains are properly tensioned
Maintenance notes: Ensure that roller chains are properly tensioned
iwis InduKet Calculation Program for chain calculation

Calculation Program

Calculation Program

INDUKET - The chain calculation program for engineers

Designing and configuring a chain drive is fast and easy using the iwis chain drive calculation program. Learn more
iwis chain calculation

Chain calculation and chain design

Chain calculation and chain design

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iwis brands JWIS ELITE FLEXON ECOPLUS eurochain

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