Accumulation chains

iwis accumulation chains guarantee problem-free positioning of conveyed goods and prevent jolting almost entirely when the belt starts and stops. The idler rollers on each side serve two purposes: firstly, they engage with the sprocket teeth to transmit power, and secondly, they support the chain in the guide track.  

iwis offers a wide, varied range of accumulation chains in different performance classes. Besides classic accumulation chains under the JWIS and ELITE brand names, iwis also supplies accumulation chains with offset low-friction rollers, MEGAlife maintenance-free accumulation chains, side bow accumulation chain versions, accumulation chains with protection for fingers and parts, and our cost-effective series. Transport rollers are available in hardened steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated or plastic (also antistatic) versions.

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Wide range of different versions for accumulation conveyor systems

iwis accumulation chains are renowned for their efficiency, durability and resultant cost-effectiveness. The outer low-friction rollers made from sintered metal enable energy savings of up to 30%. Consequently, the length of your conveyor system can be increased by 30 % without any modification of the drive motors; alternatively, if the system length remains unchanged, smaller drive units may be fitted. There is also less strain on the chain and drive, resulting in a longer service life for the entire conveyor system. Accumulation chains with offset rollers allow goods to be conveyed smoothly and with optimum weight distribution, since every pin takes its share of the load.

Maintenance-free MEGAlife accumulation chains with nickel-plated plates and

pins, low-friction sintered metal rollers and special bearing design are used mainly in the electronics industry, food industry, timber, glass and ceramics processing, medical technology and wherever relubrication is problematic or impossible.

Accumulation chains with finger and small parts protection provide an optimum covering of the space between one accumulation roller and the next, preventing the ingress of small parts that could jam the rollers and/or chain link.  In addition, the cover prevents the deliberate or accidental insertion of fingers while the conveyor is operating – an active contribution to accident prevention that takes increasingly strict industrial safety requirements into account.

Systems solutions for Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Logistics and Conveyor Technology

Efficient solutions for transport and drive conveyor chain systems.

A wide variety of conveyor and drive chain systems are used. The demands on chain characteristics such as fatigue strength, breaking loads, chain tolerances, surface, material qualities, lubricants or even freedom from lubricants and their reproducibility are enormous. Learn more
System solutions for the automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

From conveyors and transport systems to timing drive systems

Industrial applications: In this sector, iwis offers optimal solutions for conveyor and transport systems tailored to automotive production lines. MEGAlife maintenance-free chains offer corrosion protection and minimal elongation over their entire service life. Automotive supplier: With high-quality timing chain drive systems for camshafts, injection pumps, balance shafts, oil pumps and ancillary units, we are a highly innovative supplier to the automotive industry, moving engines and vehicles of all kinds. Learn more
Drive Solutions for Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

iwis - roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more
System solutions for the Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Maintenance-free, long service life and precision parts- tailored to customized application.

Chains and chain systems for the highest demands on precision, speed and durability. Precision chains from iwis guarantee uniform parallel running with exact positioning and an outstanding service life. Depending on the application, maintenance-free or corrosion-resistant chains with high-quality initial lubrication are also used. Learn more


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