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iwis offers a comprehensive range of roller chains in accordance with DIN and ANSI standards, as well as numerous special chains for a variety of uses. All drive chains developed by iwis fulfil the stringent quality requirements of a wide range of different industries.

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High-performance roller chains from iwis

Steel link chains consist of a series of single chain links. They are used in drive, material handling or conveyor applications with static or dynamic loading at low and medium chain speeds, and as high-speed drive chains for power transmission between shafts with parallel axes. Steel link chains are used in the entire mechanical engineering industry in diverse applications, such as printing machines, the textile and packaging industries, conveyor and material handling technology, in agricultural machinery and construction

vehicles, food industry, logistics, timber processing and automotive manufacturing.

There are many different versions of iwis high-performance roller chains, including roller chains with straight plates, reinforced roller chains, double pitch chains, roller chains with restricted length tolerances, corrosion-proof and maintenance-free chains, stainless steel chains and side bow chains.

Drive Solutions for Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

iwis - roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering. Learn more
System solutions for the Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry

Maintenance-free, long service life and precision parts- tailored to customized application.

Chains and chain systems for the highest demands on precision, speed and durability. Precision chains from iwis guarantee uniform parallel running with exact positioning and an outstanding service life. Depending on the application, maintenance-free or corrosion-resistant chains with high-quality initial lubrication are also used. Learn more
Chains for applications in agricultural machinery



Multifunctional and tailorened for maximum yield.

iwis agrisystems offers not only a wide range of drive chain products for harvesters and chains/kits for retrofitting to all machine makes, but also feederhouse chains, elevator chains, maize gathering chains and chains for round balers, as well as chain accessories. We specialise in the production and development of customer- and application-specific customised solutions. learn more
Drive solutions for the Food Industry

Food Industry

Food Industry

Focus on accuracy, hygiene reguations, efficient maintenance-free and corrosion-resistance solutions .

Hygiene regulations, various temperature ranges or corrosion resistance are requirements for drive systems in food production. Food approved lubricants or maintenance-free chains for the food industry can be found here. Learn more


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