Chain Condition Monitoring system wins Handling Award

26. Oct 2016 | iwis drive systems

Chain Condition Monitoring system wins Handling Award

Developed by iwis antriebssysteme, the Chain Condition Monitoring (CCM) system came top in the category "Quality and Safety" in this year's Handling Awards.

What is the CCM system used for?

iwis antriebssysteme developed the product because even small levels of wear on drive chains in machines and plant equipment mean that they have to be adjusted on a regular basis. Constant monitoring thus provides support to service staff in planning servicing activities and any necessary replacements in good time.

How does the CCM system work?

The CCM system uses sensors to constantly measure any wear elongation in chains while they are in operation. Simple to install thanks to plug-and-play, the unit shows the current wear values in an easily understood form in the supplied GUI. With this unit, iwis wants to play an active role in avoiding long downtimes and the associated financial loss resulting from interruptions to production.


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