Accumulation chain 2060-1 plastic conveyor roller double Speed - ELITE

Part no.: 81035355
Packaging Unit: 5m
Brand: ELITE
Model: plastic conveyor roller double Speed
Elite by iwis
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Reliable conveying of workpiece carrier
For fast conveying speeds
Chain with longlife lubrication
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Technical data

Accumulation chain
Pitch p (mm)
Width between inner plates b1 min. (mm)
Roller diameter d1 max. (mm)
Pin diameter d2 max. (mm)
Pin length b4 max. (mm)
Width of outer roller b9 (mm)
Conveyer roller diameter d5 (mm) (JWIS: D)
Width over conveyer roller b8 (mm) (JWIS: b)
Plate thickness Ti/To (mm)
3,25 / 3,25
Height inner plate h2 max. (mm) (JWIS: g)
Weight per meter (kg)
Bearing surface f (cm²)
Max. chain load (N)

Product Information

Double Speed chains work on a different principle from accumulation chains; rather than accumulation resulting from an idling transport roller, the transport roller is deliberately turned on the guide. Turning the roller doubles the conveying speed, which means faster movement of goods and materials in the competitive world of modern industrial manufacturing.

ELITE highlights
  • In order to prolong their service life and guarantee smooth running, ELITE accumulation chains are treated with a special highviscosity, high-adhesion chain oil before leaving our factory. The special application process ensures that only a thin film of oil remains on the outside of the chain.
  • ELITE chain plates with optimum geometry are precisionformed and heat-treated
  • ELITE pins are smooth and have an extra hard surface for increased wear resistance
  • Choice of hardened steel or plastic transport rollers
  • Plastic transport rollers are generally usually using the material Vestamid
  • Double Speed chains – twice the conveying speed due to transport rollers turning on chain guides
  • Also available in stainless steel


  • Automotive industry
  • Warehouse technology, materials-handling industry
  • Conveyor technology
  • Electronics industry and PCB manufacture


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