Roller chain 12B-2 MEGAlife, maintenance-free - JWIS

Part no.: 81000162
Packaging Unit: 5m
Brand: JWIS
Model: MEGAlife
Surface: maintenance-free
JWIS by iwis
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Seamless sintered bushes
Permanently maintenance-free, without relubrication
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Technical data

Roller chain
Pitch p (mm)
Width between inner plates b1 min. (mm)
Roller diameter d1 max. (mm)
Pin diameter d2 max. (mm)
Pin length b4 max. (mm)
Max. add. length of connecting link b7 max. (mm)
Total width inner link b2 max. (mm)
Plate thickness Ti/To (mm)
Min. tensile strength ISO/DIN FU (kN)
Weight per meter (kg)
Bearing surface f (cm²)
Traverse pitch pt (mm) (JWIS: e)

Product Information

MEGAlife maintenance free roller and conveyor chains can be applied in all areas where post installation lubrication is not at all or only partly possible. This is the case in clean and dry surroundings or in applications with difficult lubrication passage. MEGAlife maintenance free chains are corrosion resistant due to nickel-plated parts and can be utilized in a temperature range from –40°C up to +160°C.
All maintenance-free MEGAlife roller chains from JWIS have an extremely high breaking and fatigue strength, which means even better operational reliability for the customer. The chains offer exceptionally high wear resistance and long service life even without re-lubrication, keeping downtimes and servicing requirements to a minimum. Depending on the customer application, MEGAlife maintenance-free chains are supplied either dry or ready-treated with special-purpose lubricant.

  • Seamless sintered bushes made of a material specially designed for this application, hardened and treated to optimize its tribological properties
  • Pin with wear-resistant, friction-optimized surface coating
  • Seamless roller with corrosion-resistant coating and geometry optimized for the sinter bush
  • Ideally suited for normal chain applications without relubrication
  • Permanently maintenance-free under certain conditions
  • Extremely high fatigue strength and tensile strength
  • Excellent wear resistance even in applications where conventional maintenance-free chains are susceptible to stretching
  • Nickel-plated components provide corrosion protection
  • MEGAlife chains need no lubrication, so they are clean, dry and eco-friendly
  • Extremely easy to dismantle – “easy break”
  • Also suitable for operation in corrosive environments; lubrication recommended, if possible
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Easy conversion of standard chain and conveyor chain applications to MEGAlife


  • Packaging industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Printing industry, paper manufacture
  • Textile and clothing industry
  • Electronics industry and PCB manufacture
  • Glass, ceramic and building material industry


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